Complex Fluids Lab

The Complex fluids lab is housed in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at MSU. The lab is devoted to experiments and theoretical investigations of problems on fluid structure interaction, sedimentation, viscoelastic fluid flow among others. Click here (and go to page 13) to read about some ongoing work in our lab.

Andrew, me and Joe at the Biophysical Society Meeting in Philadelphia, Feb. 2013






1. Joseph Firodilino, M.S. in Pure and Applied Mathematics, M.S. Thesis on "Advection-diffusion-reaction modeling of A-beta aggregation".
  • Joe recently completed work on flow and heat transfer in a non-homogeneous fluid and has a paper under review.
2. Pamela Guerron, B. S. in Math/Physics/Math Ed. (LSAMP and SHIP scholar). Her honor's thesis is on "Fluid structure interaction".
  • Pam won the best poster prize for her work at the NJ LSAMP Student meeting in 2012.

3. Jillian Varner, B.S. in Physics, working on "Pipeline flow of Biomass".

4. Siobhan Soltau, B.S. in Physics, working on the tranportation of biomass.

5. Will Hernandez, B.S. in Physics, working on experiments on the flow of tear film in the eye.


1. Andrew Mauro, M.S. in Chemistry, working on his M.S. Thesis on "Modeling self assembly of biomolecules".
  • Andrew presented his thesis work at the Annual Biophysical Society meeting in Philadelphia in 02/2013.
  • Andrew successfully defended his Master's thesis on May 6th, 2013. Congrats Andrew!

2. Wayne Ernst, B.S. in Physics (SHIP scholar), working on his Honors thesis on "Nonequilibrium pattern formation".
  • Wayne was a co-author on a recent publication which is to appear in the International Journal of Ecology and Development and has another paper under review.
  • Wayne presented a poster on his work at the APS Division of Fluid Mechanics in November 2011.
  • Wayne graduates from MSU in May 2013 and has been selected as the CSAM commencement speaker.
  • He will begin his doctoral studies at the Dept of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Tech starting fall 2013.

3. Danny Barry, B.S. in Mathematics, working on flow visualization in "Fluid structure interaction".

4. Douglas Platt (2009-2010), M.S. in Pure and Applied Math, graduated 2010, MS.Thesis work on "Fluid mechanics of the eye and role of the mucus layer". Douglas is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Mathematics education at Montclair State University.

5. Paul MacLaughlin (2009-2011), B.S. in Physics, graduated 2010, worked on experiments concerning the fluid mechanics of the eye.

6. Gin Sanchez (2009-Jan, 2012), Ph. D. student in Emvironmental Management 2009-2011, worked on "Feasibility of pipeline transportation of biomass".
He has now moved to a different project in the Environmental Science department.

7. Abelardo Romero, M.S. in Pure and Applied Mathematics.

8. Michael Cohrs, B.S. in Physics(SHIP scholar), completed his Honors thesis on "Energy harvest from vortex induced oscillations". His work has recently appeared in the International Journal of Ecology and Development, 2013. Michael is currently a physics teacher at the Holmstead School in Newark, NJ.

9. John Park (2010-2011), completed his B.S. in physics. He worked on designing the experiment to study the flow of tyear film in the eye and is still collaborating with our group. He is currently in the doctoral program in mathematics education at MSU.


            1. Wake  Structure  of  Oscillating  Cylinders                                   


 2. Nonequilibrium pattern formation

3. Fluid structure interaction: fiber in a flow

4. Energy harvesting from vortex induced oscillations.