No. Company Name Desk Description
 01 DFM-Engineering 01DFM-Engineering offers services like consulting in scientific engineering and IT. Concerning the scientific engineering, we offer services like the mechanical simulations, calculation of the fluids mechanics, energy engineering (thermic, combustion). We offer and develop for you models that are available in advanced numerical modelling in order to take into consideration the coupling reactions in physics as fluid/structure coupling and the main charge-complex transfers.

Our field of expertise expand from aeronautics to vehicles, transportation, energy… and we offer our services not only in engineering but also in the research and development in order to give our customers “up-to-date” solutions and to include prompt R&D innovation as a support to the industry.

DFM-Engineering also provides services that can help you develop software, assumes some or the totality of the steps of the project i.e. from writing to the conception, to the hotline services.

 02 Global CyberSoft (Vietnam) JSC 02

Global CyberSoft is a leading global IT solutions provider founded in California in July 2000 and has been a company of Hitachi Consulting Corporation since October 2014.

GCS is currently a leading global software outsourcing and IT solutions provider in Vietnam. With over 1300 employees who have extensive experiences and deep expertise, GCS poses to be a major IT pioneer and trusted partner in Vietnam.

GCS has business operations in 18 countries worldwide with its two development centers in Vietnam and other sales offices in the US, Japan and France.

GCS holds an ISO 9001 certificate, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5.

 03  NashTech Vietnam 03
Part of Harvey Nash Group, NashTech is a global technology, consulting and outsourcing company. We have been developing cloud based technology solutions, consulting businesses on how to adopt cloud and digital strategies and streamlining business processes for companies in a number of sectors to transform, grow and reach new markets from our two development centers in Vietnam since 2000. We operate in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Japan so we have resources on the ground in countries across the globe. This enables us to go where our clients go, ensuring they have the technology services they need to support strategic business growth.

 04 LogiGear Corporation 04LogiGear was founded in Silicon Valley in 1994 by top thought leaders in the software testing industry. Although headquarters continue to be in Silicon Valley, California, USA, the majority of the software testing and software development staff are located in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, Vietnam, with recently opened offices in Houston, Texas and Seattle, Washington. LogiGear has helped hundreds of companies around the world with thousands of projects, delivering a service which keeps their costs down and efficiency high.

 05 DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM 05At DIGI-TEXX we believe in a connected world where highly specialized organizations grant their services to those who have other core business strengths. Our team at DIGI-TEXX is passionate about offering business and technology solutions which we tailor to the specific needs of our customers. Our global customer network trusts us since 2003. We guarantee quality, data security and thanks to our location in Vietnam, competitiveness.

 06 United Technologies Corporation 06Born with the vision of becoming a leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, after 10 years doing business in the IT industry, Unitech has grown to be a popular name in the market. Unitech is now among the top software companies in the central region of Vietnam recognized by the Ministry of Information and Communications. Unitech is very much honored to be one of a few companies to join the biggest ever outsourcing projects of Japan in Vietnam. Our recent recognizable milestone is that Unitech was chosen to run several offshore extended teams for newly developed markets.

 07Luxoft Vietnam 07Luxoft Vietnam is a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base consisting primarily of large multinational corporations. Luxoft Vietnam delivery center is ideally positioned for clients looking to diversifying sourcing geography portfolio, reducing outsourcing costs and retaining Luxoft’s superior quality. Established in 2008, Luxoft Vietnam supplies comprehensive services in software assurance and development for two kinds of customers – independent software vendors and corporate clients.

Luxoft Vietnam has the focus on industry specialization with strong expertise in financial services, automotive, telecom, travel/aviation and energy spaces. Vietnam Delivery Center has attained the highest CMMI maturity level 5. Luxoft Vietnam has won the “Top Enterprises of the Year Award” for excellent enterprises operating in Quang Trung Software City for four consecutive years, and received two certificates of merit granted by the HCMC People’s Committee for its excellent business performance and contributions to the city’s information technology industry. In addition, Luxoft Vietnam was awarded “Leading Outsourcing Enterprises Award” in the year 2015 by Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference, and was in “Vietnam TOP 40 IT Companies” 2015 by VINASA.
08 LARION Company Limited

LARION has been providing innovative technology-based supporting solutions and services to many successful clients in more than 15 countries for over 13 years.

Our wide range of services includes

·         Ruby on Rails Web Application Development

·         Big Data – Data Analytics especially in Healthcare

·         Supply Chain Management Application Development

·         Social E-commerce App Development

·         Securities Trading Solutions Development

·         SurroundCore Banking Solutions Development

We focus on today’s trends of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Network, Mobility

 09 Sunrise Software Solutions Corporation (S3 Corp) 09

Sunrise Software Solutions Corporation (S3 Corp.) was founded in 2007 with few members. After 10 years of establishment and development, the number of employees fast increase from 7 to 250 members. In line with changing office to bigger places, now S3Corp. has located at 307/12 Nguyen Van Troi St, Tan Binh District since 2013.

During 10 years, besides facing with many difficulties, we also accomplish many achievements in IT software outsourcing industry. S3 honored as one of Vietnam's Top 10 IT Outsourcing Enterprises in VNITO 2015 and listed in Vietnam’s 50 leading IT company …..

Moreover, with applying proven processes, standards and strong experience employees, S3Corp. offers our customers extensive software services in many market, such as: North America, Europe, Asia and Japan.  

 10 IMT Solutions Corp. 10IMT Solutions is an Information & Communications Technology services firm based in Singapore, United States and Vietnam, serving clients globally. We partner with clients from early-stage to Fortune 500 companies across various industries and regions to resolve business-as-usual and complex technology challenges.

 11Success Software Services 11Success Software Services, with its Lean Startup Mindset (Agile methodology) paired with its Flexible Team Model, has widely spread its business solutions all around the world. In the past years of operating, our organization has become one of the top companies in Vietnam certified CMMI Level 3. Within merely a year, we proudly earned a VNITO Award and a position as Gartner’s recommended firm. Dedicated to training and R&D function – our products, services, and business operations will constantly improve over time.

Kyanon Digital 12Kyanon Digital, an agile tech partner provides Creative Tech Production, IT Consulting & Staffing, Big Data & Analytics to startups, agencies and enterprises across the region. Agile methodology is our guiding principle which promotes adaptive planning, encourages rapid and flexible response to change. Successfully applying Agile methodology in software development cycle, Kyanon Digital has helped our clients improve productivity, efficiency and deliver the best performance products. We proud to be a preferred tech partner of large MNCs, Creative Agencies and Startups in APAC markets, such as: Samsung, Microsoft, Nestle, Sharp, Beiersdorf, Cheil, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, Temasek, Hikami, and so on.

 13 Savvycom13 Savvycom is in the Top 30 Global App Developers by Clutch. We have successfully provided web and mobile application development services to 100+ international clients, primarily in the USA, Australia and Singapore. Savvycom’s vision is to deliver innovative software services to Startups and Fast-Growth Businesses in Healthcare, IoT and Education. 

Savvycom’s awards and recognitions include the Vietnam IT Outsourcing Excellence, Top 30 Leading IT companies, Sao Khue Award, Top Mobile App Developer in Southeast Asia. We were also featured in grand magazines such as Forbes, Techinasia and Clutch.
14 Buitech (Buitech Ltd & Bui Technology, JSC) 14Buitech is an Independent Software Testing Company. We have no other focus, 100% software testing, that is all we do and we are good at what we do.

15 Beesight Soft 15Founded since 2011 by young and passionate technologists, Beesight Soft is an ITO company started by innovative passion “Together makes perfect”.

Since then, Beesight Soft has been initially successful in providing high quality outsourcing services, creating reputation for many clients.

Beesight Soft will grow with continuous efforts to explore the needs and build the best solution for your business within reasonable budget.

16 FPT Software 16 FPT Software  is  the  global  leading  technology,  outsourcing  and  IT services  group  headquarter in  Vietnam  with  over  10,000  employees. Qualified with CMMI Level 5 & ISO 27001:2013, FPT Software delivers world-class  services  in  Analytics,  IoT,  Mobility,  Cloud,  Product Engineering Services, Platform Modernization, Application Development & Management Service, and BPO services globally from 14 countries in 4  continents,  including  the  United  States,  Japan,  Germany,  South  Korea and  Australia.  With  focus  on  R&D  activities  to  drive  innovation  and improve  service  quality,  the company  has  been  serving  over  450 customers  worldwide,  of  which  over  50  are  Fortune  500s,  including AT&T,  DuPont and  UPS.  FPT  Software  has  proven  to  have  in-depth expertise  in  various  industries:  banking  finance,  automotive,  media  & entertainment, logistics & transportation, supply chain, healthcare among others. 

The  company  has  been  strategic  partners  with  various  industry  leaders namely AWS, Microsoft, GE, Siemens, AUTOSAR, SAP, IBM, Cisco. 

17 CO-WELL Asia Co., Ltd. 17

CO-WELL Asia is a 100% Japanese capital company located in Hanoi (Vietnam) with more than 300 staffs and 3-year history of rapid growth and development.

We boast a devoted team of highly qualified, experienced IT engineers, developers and QAs who always strive to provide customers with the best services and products possible at a distinctly competitive price. Every development process is strictly supervised with information security plan being implemented without fail throughout the whole working process. Since establishment in 2014, our company has been entrusted by many clients especially from Japan to help them create effective IT solutions and transform their businesses.

18 Dirox 18Since establishment, we have been proposing a premium outsourcing model in the way that we provide a higher level and volume of western project management that will be able to ensure team proactivity and solve the communication issues due to distance. We back our teams with a strong technical support team managed by our CTO. We aim at long term work relationship with a partnership in mind rather than customership.

19 Softnet Network Company Limited 19SoftNET is a privately held worldwide provider of telecommunication services established 1996 in Slovenia. Following its expansion policy, SoftNET has built the most advanced IP Network and opened office all over the world with top-level team of specialists.

Visit us at

 20 SETA International
 20SETA International is a global software solutions company with a proven track record of delivering high quality software solutions to companies worldwide. We provide end-to-end technology solutions and services for the cloud, web and mobile.

As your technology partner, we will be with you every step of the way from understanding your business’ needs to building the custom software solutions you require.

Leverage the power of SETA’s 400+ global employees who have contributed to the success of over 500 clients worldwide.

 21Restaff - House of Norway 21

We bring people together. We know incredible things happens when people spend time with each other. Teams grow closer, colleagues become friends, and cool products are born.

 22Aris Vietnam
ARIS is a software consulting company which combining the  good capabilities of Vietnam software engineers and Japan’s quality to leverage the success of our customers

 23TPS Software
TPS Software is a growing software development service company with more than 80 engineers. We aim to provide highest products quality and highest value added services to our customer and partners every single days or hour that we have opportunities for serving.

Visit us at

 24EXE Corp
24Founded in March 2009, EXE Corp specializes in providing outstanding IT solutions in the manners that best serve business needs. We are accomplished software engineers, professional UX designers and expert analysts. We are young people with the desire to help businesses adapt to the transformation of the world. We strive to be a companion, an insider and a loyal friend to every client. During our expedition, we have had the privilege of serving more than 200 clients from many parts of the world: Canada, US, Australia, Vietnam, and numerous other countries.
25 Danang Software Association25Danang Software Association (DSA) was established followed by the Decision number 9712/QD-UBND dated on 28/12/2009 of People’s Committee of Danang city. It’s a social professional association involving following functions and obligations:

- It’s  a clue of contact in helping enterprises members to sign contracts with domestic and international partners. 

- Supports enterprises members in producing and operating software business.

- Protecting members’ interests against unfair competing behaviors.

- Linking the members among the association, exchanges information, experiences, connecting in software business and software export.

- Receives supports, sponsors from vendors.

- Supports startup enterprises working on software business.

- Supports, educate high quality human resource for software industry.

Danang software association consists of 21 associations in total of 82 members which come from universities and enterprises working on software producing, software business and ICT human resource education. With the objective of building a community of Danang software enterprises which is strong in capability, friendly in collaboration, diversified domains, the Association involves top quality units in the field of software producing, software business and ICT human resource education. It is a trustworthy address for domestic and international investors to cooperate, connect and coordinate in ICT projects of international standard.

26Logix Technology

We’re the new one (~2years opening) in the software outsourcing of Vietnam but all our team members are from 5-10+ years’ experience from Tier 1 company.

-          100% current clients are foreigner (Switzerland, US, Australia, and New Zealand)

-          100% members have hands on experience working onsite

-          80% fluently in English communication

-          70% members processing Microsoft certificates.

We have good connection and always ready to scalable for big chance coming.

With more than 15 years’ experience as an IT service provider, we know how to set your IT to go like clockwork. With over 700 people (90 in Vietnam) spread on 4 continents, we ensure the optimization of your applications and infrastructures with accuracy, reliability and security. We advise you on the most suitable technologies for your needs. Our teams work 24/7 to ensure the continuity of your operations and your services.

28SystemEXE Viet Nam Company28SystemEXE Viet Nam Company has been 100% ownership of capital from Japan. With the principle of quality is the best importance and with the criteria Japan quality standards, inculding the standards of quality management is applied from SystemEXE Japan, and the management team are training in SystemEXE Japan which committed to bring products the best quality to our customers

Sphinx JavaScript Company is the first and the only development company in Vietnam specialized in JavaScript only

30Terralogic30Terralogic company is a technology service provider for the connected world. We provide engineering expertise for customer’s roadmap and business needs in order to bring true partnership/ based on principles of true partnership. Our experienced management team with best-in- class practices, plus more than 1000 staff across the globe deliver value and success.

Our company serves global clients with many technology pioneers and industry leaders among them. The core team is composed of skillful engineers and domain experts who have extensive experience and understanding of Mobility, Applications, Networking & Communications, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, etc.


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