Computer Supported Writing Across the Curriculum

Summer Technology Institute: ETAP 687 

 Course Description

This course will look at the theories, research, and application of writing within a digital environment, looking at both the development of digital literacies and the re-enforcement of writing skills use of technology in the classroom at all levels.  Students will work on developing their own computer supported writing project within their discipline, with the opportunity to try out different types of technology to support the development of writing skills.

Topics include

  Overview of writing

  Visual rhetoric, graphics and other digital symbols (equations and models)

  Hypertext, electronic communication, and electronic publishing

  The role of OWL’s and educational software developers

  Computer supported collaborative writing

  Electronic writing for learning

  Electronic writing for communication


  Wikis, blogs, discussion boards, and learning management systems (such as blackboard) in support of writing instruction across the curriculum.

Sources on Defining Writing


Course links:

WriteWith: An editing program

Zotero: A notes/citation add-on to Foxfire

PBWiki: Defining Writing 

UAlbany Wiki:  Glossary of Terms 


ETAP  687 Syllabus Summer 2007

Blog:  Connecting 2 the World

Student Rubrics:


English High School: TECH.doc

Social Studies High School: CSW.ppt