Hi, I'm Vincent

I'm a medical device quality engineer, focused on delivering great products with high quality, patient safety, and that "wow this product is frickin' awesome!!!" feeling.

Status as of 12/6/14 - I am currently a Quality Engineer at myoscience, and freelance on the side as a patent illustrator. I used to use this site to host my research-related projects. Right now for my focus as a QE, there isn't additional value that isn't already on my resume. Feel free to browse around for projects and publications I've pushed out in the past.   
  • Industrial statistics projects. The portfolio was current as of October 2013, and showcases things I can do for in 6σ (DOE, SPC, MSA, and more). After my heavy involvement with these tools at myoscience, this portfolio has lost its purpose. But if you're interested in applying industrial statistics, please ask me directly.
  • Here are my R&D projects in every biomedical engineering field, over 4 years. Later on, I may add (1) my VBA-powered Excel SPC system (great for database connectivity), and a tool I made to count alerts as a function of subgroup size for x̅-s and x̅-R charts. It's super awesome.
Quality and Engineering skill set:
Here are my certificates for ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt Training. This is what I'm capable of, overlapping design control and process validation: BOK. I've completed Minitab's Quality Trainer course, and am looking to apply my statistical skill set. Additionally, I am knowledgeable in FDA/ISO regulations for medical devices. My engineering skills are largely in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, CAD (CSWA - Certified SolidWorks Associate), and applied mathematics. Off the computer, I can design electrical, mechanical, biomedical, and chemical experiments.

For fun interest: this is how I work, and hack productivity. As of 11/20/14, it's outdated. But it was cool back then.

As a former research engineer: