Welcome to the middle school and welcome to the fifth grade webpage. We look forward to a year of learning and growing with your child.



January 18-end of quarter 2 and ski date for grade 5

You can find a link to Family Access at the homepage of the VAS website, which can be found at www.viroquaareaschools. If you need a login ID or password for Family Access, please contact the District Office at 637-1181.

Teacher and Class

English/Language Arts with
 Mrs. Fergot

Spelling block 1 and 5:  list 15 (prerecorded, reappear, postscript, cooperate, prehistoric, posttest, coauthors, recharge, precaution, postwar, rejoin, coexist, prefix, coworker, reform, prepaid, refresh, postdate, reenter, reclaim)

Block 3 and 4: (the last 10 words from the above list!)

Math with Mrs. Freise 

Social Studies with Mr. Daines    

Science with Mr. Daines




Block 1 and 2 AND Block 5 and 6:

Started our new class book:  Lily's Crossing, chapter 1

test 15 in spelling

Monday:  Worksheet page 53
Tuesday:  No homework 
Wednesday:  Worksheet page 55 
Thursday:  Snow day
Friday: Worksheet page 57 

1) Finish handout Reconstruction

1) Chapter 7 test


Date Due

    TODAY's DATE:  February 21, 2019 
All assignments are due the next day, unless otherwise noted.

All assignments are due the next day, unless otherwise noted