Our Nest

Welcome to our Nest

Established October 26, 2007

Welcome to our home!

We live in a 2000 square foot townhouse in the Chicago suburbs.  Our townhouse has 2 bedrooms, a loft, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a 2 car garage.  It was perfect for the two of us and our furbabies!  We have lived in our townhouse for 3 years now.  We love it, but are starting to outgrow it.  Hopefully in the near future we will be looking for our "forever home", but until then this is home!



Entry Way

Entry Way Items:

Rug: Target $39

Console Table: Target $99

Mirror: Target $44

Flowers: Michaels $12

Clock: Target $16


Family Room



Family Room Items:

Sectional: Wickes Furniture

Curtains: Target $19.99 each

Area Rug: Target $129.99

Coffee Table: Crate and Barrel Galerie Coffee Table $249

Console Table: Crate and Barrel Galerie Console  Table $229

Mirror: Home Depot  $39

Throw Pillows: Target $19.99-$24.99 each

Art on Wall:  Meijer $69.99

Clock: Crate and Barrel $79

Baskets: Michaels and Joanne's

TV Stand:  Target $179.99

Huge Green Chair= Bain of my existence= Happy Husband's Man Chair


Left to do:

-Get side table

-Find a lamp

-Decorate Console Table

-Find a replacement man chair for my husband that will match my decor.



Kitchen Items:

New appliances: Home Depot


To Do:

We are debating on whether or not we want to spend the money to replace the whole kitchen before we sell the townhouse.  I loathe this kitchen for many reasons, but it is functional, so I can't complain too much.  We don't want to sink more into it than we will get out of it $ wise, especially in this economy. 

Living Room



Living Room Items:

Couches and Tables: Wickes Furniture

Mirror: Pier One $129

Candle Stick Holders on Mantle: Pier One

Fireplace tools: Home Depot $24.99

Throw Pillows: Target $19.99 each

Centerpiece on Table: Pier One




Dining Room



Dining Room Items:

Art: www.art.com

Place Settings: Pier One Imports

Paint: Promenade by Behr

Clock: Target $29.99


To Do:

-Crown Molding

-Window Treatments

-New Dining Room Furniture-shown above ;-)

-New Artwork

Powder Room

Please excuse the paint splotch on the wall.  It has since been covered back up.  We gutted this bathroom and started from scratch with the help of my dad.  It turned out exactly how I wanted for being so tiny.  I just have to decide on a paint color.

Powder Room Items:

Sink/hardware/mirror:  Home Depot

Towels and shelf items: Target


To Do:





Upstairs Hallway

Hallway Items:

Sconces: From a candle party I don't remember ordering

Shelving in Laundry Closet: Target

Fabulous picture of the sunset with our names in the heart in the sand: Priceless! Random Wedding Gift from a friend of my mom's.  H loved it. The closet was the only place I could stomach it.




This loft has turned into my siblings drunk tank when my parents won't let them back in the house because they lost their house keys, cell phones, ect.  However, come April 2009, it will be transforming into my new office. 

Loft Decor:

Pottery Barn Scroll: Craigslist Score

Art: Meijer $29.99


Guest Room


Should I move the Pottery Barn Scroll in here above the bed?  Or should I hang this one?  I can't decide.

Guest Room Items:

Bedding: Target Wavery Damask $64-$129

Side Tables: Target $79 each

Lamps: Ebay Score

Art: Kirkland Homes for $29.99

Paint: Behr Pecan Sandie


To Do:

-New Closet Doors

-Buy Armoire to hide t.v.


-Bench at foot of bed

-Hang Mirror from Ikea


Guest Bathroom

Pictures to come.  We are working on a renovation;-)

This is a sneak preview ;-)  My color scheme!

Master Bedroom

To do:

-Find a bedroom set.  We found 1 we loved, but had too many issues with Macy's so canceled our order.  Hopefully something even better will come along soon!


Master Bath

To Do:

We really have to remodel this bathroom too, but we haver to take things 1 at a time.  So it will be my next project.


Thanks for looking!