Special Tools

The following tables show special tools that are available for loan within the Reivers Section.

BSA No. Description Extra Info.

61-1903 Magdyno Driving Pinion Extractor Tool (manual advance) A, B, C and M - all years

61-3362 Clutch extractor, 6 spring clutch A, B, C (not 1938-53 C Group) and M from 1948

61-1912 Clutch extractor, single spring (M up to 1948) & 6 Spring (1946-48 B Group & 1938-53 C Group)

61-3060 Ball race Extractor (steering head) for 3/16" balls B '46-'48 and C

61-3063 Ball race Extractor (steering head) for 1/4" balls A, B (not '46-'48), M

61-3265 Valve Guide Punch B31/32 inlet

A7/A10, C11, C12 inlet and exhaust

Goldstars with 0.310" diameter valve stems

61-3268 Valve Guide Punch B31/32 exhaust

B33/34 inlet

Goldstars with 0.348" diameter valve stems

61-3306 Single spring clutch – spring compressor (27-8970) M ('37-'48)

N/A 9/16" x 20 tpi BSCy LH Tap. Useful for cleaning up threaded bore in fork,

holding front axle of some machines. e.g. '46-'48 B31

N/A Drift for M20/M21 kickstart bush

Norton No. Description

N/A Valve guide drift for ES2, Models 18, 19 & 50 inlet and exhaust valves

Lucas No. Description

N/A Magneto spindle locking tool as described in Lucas Workshop Instructions, section L-5, part B, Fig. 3.

Magnetos MO1L and MN2L . Use with care! Undue force can crack the dynamo mounting housing.

N/A Mandrel for fitting magneto bearing inner race Magnetos MO1L, MN2L, N1, KN1,K1F, K2F and KVF.

N/A Mandrel for fitting magneto bearing outer race Magnetos MO1L, MN2L, N1, KN1, K1F, K2F and KVF.