Out and About

Tiddlers Run Sept. 5th 2021

Wolsingham, Durham Dales Run, 17.01.2020

Near Stanhope, Durham Dales Run, 17.01.2020

Durham Dales Run, 17.01.2020

The first social run of the year, 08.01.2020. High above Allendale.

Autumn social run to Wooler, via the coastal route, 13.11.2019

Social run to Wark Forest and the North Tyne Valley, 06.11.2019.

Social run to the Samye Ling Buddhist Monastery, 23.10.2019.

Some photos from the Triumph Factory visit, October 2019

Dave and Stella's 'End of Season' run, 09.10.2019.

From the 'Saturday Rover' run to Norham Station, 14.09.2019.

Photos from The Tynedale Lanes Run, 11.09.2019. Gordon and Mike riding the byways.

A selection of photos from the Etal Village show, September 2019. The Reivers had a display of twenty two bikes there.

Scorching weather guaranteed a good turn out at the Ride-In with The Northumbrian Section, Belsay, 25.08.2019.

Enjoying lunch at the White Monk Cafe, Blanchland. At the Ride-In with the Northumbrian Section, 25.08.2019.

Denny on his Triumph T100C. (At the Ride-in with the Northumbrian Section, Belsay. 25.08.2019)

Laverda Jota on the Cream Tea Run, 17.07.2019

A good turn-out at the Milkhope Centre for the Cream Tea Run. 17.07.2019

Denny being awarded with his prize from Andrew of Realrider. He was the winner of the Reivers Ride-In Concours, 09.07.2019. (His winning bike is in the image below.)

The Reivers Ride-In Concours winner, on a wet, miserable evening. Denny's 1970 Triumph T100C Trophy 500. 09.07.2007.

Dan playing with Grandad's toys.

I took the grandson, Dan, out for a ride on a real bike, not one of those wiz-bang rocketships he used to race. He wants to know why we put the gear change on the WRONG SIDE!!!!!!.... Denny.

Nick's stunning 1970 Honda CB750. Photo taken at the lunch stop at Langholm, Dave's social run 03.07.2019.

John's lovely Laverda 3CL, Dave's social run 03.07.2019.

Rob and his Velocette Venom at the valum Cafe, the start of the Hexhamshire run , 26.06.2019.

A bit of impromptu trail riding on the Hexhamshire run, 26.06.2019.

A Reiver was flying the Northumberland Flag in Herefordshire this past Sunday (23.06.2019). The Serow never missed a beat and after 230 miles, mostly in filthy weather, was awarded a Gold Medal and "Ragged Edge" Ribbon.

John and Maggie reach the top of the steep hill out of Powburn, on their Velocette Viper. The Reivers Rally Sunday Run, 2nd June 2019.

Another photo from Jon Hill's 'Mystery Ride', 18.05.2019.

The seven hardy souls who turned out for the Mystery Ride sped through sporadic rain showers throughout the day on a route that went via Warkworth, Alnwick and Millfield for lunch, before riding into the Scottish Borders to explore minor roads around Mindrum and Ancrum. The return took the group back over the border into England at Kielder, where we enjoyed coffee and cake at the Rocky Road cafe. The roads were delightfully quiet throughout the day and it was a reminder as to how lucky we are in the north east for the lack of traffic once away from Tyne and Wear. Photo : Jon Hill. 18.05.2019.

Some of the riders who attended the 'Out and About' run into the Scottish Borders on 15.05.19. Photo : Rob Dalkin.

Some of the Reiver's Route Out 2019 entrants enjoying the sunshine at the finish in Belsay, some will have completed 200 miles by the time they get home. Photo: Jon Hill.

Jon on his Honda CG125, 'The Merkin', on the Reiver's Route Out, 11.05.2019.

Maureen Chambers aboard her stylish 1985 Honda PC50, on the Tiddlers' Run, 28/04/2019.

I don't know any details about the bike or rider, but they were on the Reivers Tiddler Run, 28.04.2019. Photo: Mike Laidler.

The entrants prepare at the start of the Reivers Tiddler Run, 28.04.2019. Photo: Mike Laidler.

On the Tiddlers' Run, some real rarities took part, including this powered bicycle.

An entrant on the Tiddlers' Run buzzes through Rock village, en-route to lunch at the Cottage Inn, near Craster.

Tom Norman and NSU Quickly at Ellingham Hall on the Tiddlers' Run, 28.04.2019

Gordon and trusty Commando on the Reivers' Day Out, 17.04.2019

Billy looks like he's enjoying himself, Reivers' Day Out, 17.04.2019.

Dave and Stella's "Season Starter Run" 10.04.2019, near Oxnam, Jedburgh.

Photo Dave Angles

Bikes on the "Season Starter Run", 10.04.2019. Looking towards England, from Oxnam.

Photo Dave Angles.

Rob's Yamaha Serow in its natural habitat. Season Starter Run 10.04.2019

Photo Dave Angles.

Reivers Section members at Hermitage Castle, Newcastleton, Scottish Borders. Dave and Rob's run, 25.03.2019.

Dave, Stella and Denny on the South Northumberland Dales run, 01.03.2019.

Photo taken on a lane above the East Allen valley.

Reivers' Run Out, 22.02.2019. We has fantastic weather for the time of year, and a good turn out of twelve riders. We stopped outside a cottage in Whitley Chapel, formerly owned by a past chairman of the Tyneside and Northumberian VMCC sections.

Denny on his Triumph Daytona, Rob's Run,16.01.2019.

Photo: Jon Hill.

Jon's Honda CG 125, Rob's Run, 16.01.2019. Photo: Jon Hill.

At the end of Dave Spencer's social run, 02.01.2019, Amble Harbour.

Dave A. pondering on a way to repair his broken footrest. 02.01.2019

Bikes from Britain, Germany, Japan, China and India, Dave Spencer's Social Run, 02.01.2019

John enjoying his 'prize' for winning the 2018 'Cream Tea Run'.

Reivers out in force on 'The Leafy Lane Winter Bimble', 13.11.2018. Although the sky looks very grey here, we actually had a fair amount of sunshine throughout the day.

What is Denny up to here? Is he attempting a repair on the Chairman's broken down BMW? Dave Spencer's 'Find the Muddiest Lane in Scotland Run'. 7th November 2018. Photo: Jon Hill

Denny topping his tank up with 'German Petrol'. He said every time he revved the engine, the bike rocked from side to side! Photo: Jon Hill.

Jon and Dick's BMW R60 BMWs at Glen Loth

Some of the Reivers Section's BMW 'Sub-Group' with their bikes.

Russell with his AJS 350 on the Northumbrian Section's Colonial Run, October 2018.

Pat and Geoff with Mike's BMW R51/3, Northumbrian Gathering, 2015.

Denny on his Benelli 250 and Alan on his Sunbeam S8 , whilst on the September 2018 Wednesday Run to Hexhamshire and the North Pennines.

Robin and Denny with their (VMCC eligible) trail bikes, on the byway between Ingram and Prendwick. October 2018.

Photo:- Rob Dalkin

Mr and Mrs Laidler, 'Team A-Z Stickers' at the Jimmie Guthrie Memorial Run, Denholm, June 2018

Rob's Wednesday Run, Stop at Holystone Common, May 2018

Ice cream stop at Wooler Milk Bar, Reivers Rally Dave's Wednesday Run, June 2018

Rob, Dave, Stella and Denny on the Reivers 'Spring Run Out' March 2018. They were still clearing the road of snow at Bowden Doors, Belford. (Above top ) Earlier that day, enjoying the sunshine at Amble Harbour.

Where's me skis gone?

26th Dec, 2014: Dick Howland's WD Royal Enfield at the Swinburne Arms, Stamfordham. Photo: Jon Hill

26th Dec, 2014: Jon Hill's MZ at the Swinburne Arms, Stamfordham. Photo: Jon Hill

24th Dec, 2014: BSA Victor.on an unsurfaced, unclassified road, near Chollerford. Photo: Chris Maughan.

21st Dec, 2014: A 100 mile run with soup and toasties at Parkhead Station Tea Room.

We were the only ones there! Where are all these hardy motorcyclists?! Photo: Jon Hill.

and here's a picture nearby when the trains were running.

From 1923, Parkhead station was known as Blanchland station, as in the caption above.

(It was goods-only after 1862.)

For more info, see: http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/p/parkhead/

21st Dec, 2014: Muddy Boots Cafe, Ingram Valley.

Very windy on the hilltops but, as can be seen from the flag, calm in the valleys.

Cafe is on Winter hours now and open from Fri - Sun. Photo: Simon Hadden.

5th Dec, 2014: Barrowburn. Photo: John Duguid.

5th Dec, 2014: Barrowburn again. Photo: John Duguid.

30th Nov. 2014: Jon's Honda PC50 at Blyth Battery. Photo: Jon Hill.

30th Nov, 2014: Topley, on the gated road between Kirkwhelpington and Wallington. The tarmac was awash with mud and slurry in places but it's a quiet route that rarely sees any traffic.

Photo: C. Taylor

30th Nov, 2014: Near Blackpool, west of Longhorsley. The lane looks deserted and indeed these backroads are quiet but within 5 minutes, I'd chatted to a chap on a Honda Varadero 125, who was surprised to see an old bike out on the roads at this time of year, and then passed another rider on a Velocette, who I'd seen earlier in the day. We must have been going around similar routes in opposite directions!

Photo: Simon Hadden