Monkeying Around with Mechanics

I am very excited about our new video series Monkeying Around with Mechanics. These videos are different from anything you have seen because they model a dialog between two students trying to make sense of physics. They are not mini-lectures, there is no instructor’s voice. ​The project aims not only to help students make sense of physics, but also to model important metacognitive and interpersonal skills we want our students to have by the time they graduate from CSU.

​The project is highly student-centered. We decide what topics to cover, and what specific difficulties to address, on brainstorming sessions with students who have recently completed the course and are currently working as learning assistants in the same class. I write a script based on that brainstorming and ask students to review, comment, and help me make it better. Students are also involved in recording, editing, and publishing the videos.

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Miscellaneous Astronomy Concepts

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