A road bike tour

Welcome  to our Radltour!

 July 28th trough July 30th 2018
Heide, always strong
Iris, retired and tired bicyclist

There is no time to stall...
A very stable blue sky weather invited us to check out for a new tour.
with the train to C. Budeovice
Following the Vltava upstream on bicycle trail Nr. 7
see details of my report
Hope you enjoy the pictures and details

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1. day
28th July 2018
C.Budeovice to Vyssi Brod
starting after train arrival at 12:00 am.
Arrival Vyssi Brod 07:00 pm
Day distance riding our bicycles: 68,5 kilometers

 starting at C.Budeovice on a flat trail
 a mistake to ignore a rest chance
 still smiling, not knowing how demanding it will be...
 that's the way, I saw her most
 the tired bicyclist
 even the bike is tired
 boats for rent

2. day
29th July 2018
Vyssi Brod (CZ) to Persenbeug (A)
Day distance riding our bicycles: 136 kilometers
(To much for tired bicyclist)!


3. day
30th July 2018
Persenbeug (A)  to Greifenstein (A)
with a food stop at Tulln
Day distance riding our bicycles: 88 kilometers


The day ended: