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Quadralli Mirror by Fine Art Lamps while using cheapest selling price. More and more people usually are content with Quadralli Mirror by Fine Art Lamps because of the suffers from. Understand that Quadralli Mirror by Fine Art Lamps points down below next uncover a lot of lower price selling price in this article! Don’t waste materials your time and effort, follow through out and about! Fine Art Lamps Quadralli Mirror presents drama visual impact, and the highly unique lighting effect of inner and outer shades. Inspired by one of geometry's most perfect shapes, the square is a powerful icon representing solid structure and form. The Quadralli Mirror features two Ivory crepe shades and Rich Bourbon finish. Fine Art Lamps, an award-winning lighting company headquartered in Miami, Florida, offers superb-quality lighting fixtures that are designed and manufactured in the USA using time-honored craftsman techniques. The Quadralli Mirror by Fine Art Lamps is available with the following: Included Features: Two shades with inner Ivory crepe and outer shimmering screen in Bronze Organza. Rich Bourbon finish.Lighting: Two 40 Watt 120 Volt B-10 Incandescent lamps (not included). Shipping: This item ships within 4- 6 weeks. Dimensions Fixture: Height 49 In. Width 30 In. Depth 8 In.
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