In this blog post, I will like to discuss a few important points for this very important part of everyone’s house.

door handles


You will be surprised to know that door knobs have a long history and have embarked on their presence for a long time. Door handles appeared in Egypt as old as 5000 years ago. The initial time used to have woven hangings, then came the time for wooden handles and gradually when the patent was given to the United States, from 1830 too 1873, glass and cut glass door handles came into the picture. To be precise, the use of door handles came into existence once the importance of privacy was realized. 

When people started having their personal lives instead of big large rooms which were accommodated by all. From the modern era, the production of door handles at a huge level was started with full zeal. And with time, handles became the essential part of every household.

door handles

Handles work as a way to create a partitioned privacy, security, and protection from the elements. With time door handles have now spread all over the world and have been used both on the exterior as well as interior doors. Interior door hands are majorly used in rooms or wardrobes for internal ease of opening and closing of doors with free hands. On the contrary, the exterior metal handles come with a lock and key for complete protection once you leave your house.


The working of the door handle is unique but simple as it is a combination of two different parts joined together. One of the parts is termed as the handle which is attached to the door with a spindle that is held together with nuts and bolts. This spindle runs through the latch bolt which is the second part, perpendicular to the spindle. This latch bolt in turn connected to the latch which engages the door frame and prevents the door from opening.

Whenever a person turns the handle, it rotates the spindle that deattaches the latch and allows the door to open.


Since the door handle are used in every single door of the house, be it the bedroom, bathroom, main gate and many other doors. Hence to suit the different requirement of each kind of door, to ensure the privacy of these doors, door handles have been created automatically.

1.     Lever latch door handle

This is the first of a kind and the basic level of the door handle. It does not come with any lock and key and is used for opening the door by simply pushing down the lever handle.


2.     Lever lock door handles

This kind of door handle is similar to the lever latch; expect that it has an additional lock and key installed.


3.     Bathroom lever door handle

As the name says, this type of door handle is actually used in the door of bathrooms and toilets. The built mechanism of this handle is in such a manner that allows you to lock the door from inside by turning the snib. This tuning closes the door from outside and under emergency cases, the door can be opened from outside by inserting a coin or flat head screwdriver.


4.     Privacy lever door handle

This kind of door handle can be used both for bathrooms as well as bedroom doors. They have the similar kind of locking mechanism except that once the snib is turned and it enters the lock position, the lever is jammed and cannot be opened till the time snib is turned to the opening position. These handles are mostly used outside the main gates of the house as they are considered to be by far the safest of all the varieties of door handles.


door handles

Door security offers the best of all the safety measures a house can offer. Most of them are made of copper because of the proven qualities of copper in killing germs in comparison to the handle made of plastic, steel or glass. Door handles made up of copper material are stronger to hold and easy to connect. They are sweat resistant and give a strong grip even if opened with the little finger.

Over the time door handles have become sophisticated and strong but the basic functionality and creation still carry the same legacy.
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