Other Interesting Stuff

Here is some interesting other stuff I have learnt along the way of using the VLN...

  • Everything you do apart from send someone a personal note or within a closed group turns up on the front page so beware of what you post.
  • The Wire Posts are a bit like Twitter, they stay there until someone else writes another one and they slowly disappear from view.
  • You can change the colour and image of your header by clicking under your profile icon where it says theme management.

Now that you are well sorted on the VLN take this little test on this Google Doc.


You will only be able to view it. To edit it you will have to go FILE ➔ MAKE COPY. As you now own the copy you will be able to write on that.

When you are done share it with Allanah and she will give you a reward. :-)

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