Join Some Groups

Join some groups that interest you.

Obviously join the Link Learning Cluster

If you are interested in Collaborating with other classes on line you may like join the Collaboration Group.

If you have an iOS device like an iPad or iPod Touch you may like to join the School iPad Group.

If you are interested in joining ePortfolios group here is theĀ  link

Maybe the eLearning Group is what you are after.

Here is the link to our sister Whakatu Cluster

Here are the more popular groups

Have a good look around before you go creating a group of your own because someone else could well have got one started already and it would be silly to start another group when one is already under way.

This video shows some popular groups on the VLN and how they are used.

If you find you have joined lots of groups you can save some to your group favourites so you can find them easily.