During my PhD program I worked on a variety of problems in different areas of statistics, including Pearson family of distributions and the "forgotten" type IV, Bayesian modeling of stellar X-ray emissions, hot-deck methods of missing data imputation, and others. I also collaborated on numerous applied projects that involved biomedical research,  litigation consulting, and predictive modeling of consumer behavior. In my dissertation, I develop a set of rigorous methods to perform sensitivity analyses in empirical studies affected by missing data. Here are more details.

I also had a chance to teach quite a lot! It included developing review material and assisting in 11 different statistics courses during the past four years. The courses ranged from introductory inference methods (a.k.a. STAT 100) to advanced statistics, including stochastic methods and causal inference. Here is the full and up-to-date list.

After graduating from the program, I stayed at the same department for two academic years as a College Fellow in Statistics. There, I continued doing my favorite things: teach, work on my research, mentor students, and consult on multiple biomedical projects at the same time.  Finally, in May 2015 I transitioned to a senior research position at Harvard University Institutional Research office.

My CV is below.

Victoria Liublinska,
Apr 11, 2014, 1:11 PM