Sun 18 Oct Graduate Consortium
Mon 19 Oct Main Technical Program
Tue 20 Oct
Wed 21 Oct
Thu 22 Oct Blocks and Beyond Workshop

This program is subject to change (but hopefully not too much).

Sun 18 Oct - Graduate Consortium Day
Location: Conference Room E




Graduate Consortium


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Mon 19 Oct - Main Technical Program Day 1
Location: Salon III





Presenters: Eileen Kraemer, Claudia Ermel and Scott Fleming


Paper Session: Crowdsourcing

Chair: Emerson Murphy-Hill

★ Honorable Mention ★ full paper: Tutorons: Generating Context-Relevant, On-Demand Explanations and Demonstrations of Online Code
Andrew Head, Codanda Appachu, Marti Hearst and Bjoern Hartmann
full paper: Codepourri: Creating Visual Coding Tutorials Using A Volunteer Crowd Of Learners
Mitchell Gordon and Philip Guo
short paper: Ask the Crowd: Scaffolding Coordination and Knowledge Sharing in Microtask Programming
Thomas D. Latoza, Arturo Di Lecce, Fabio Ricci, W. Ben Towne and Andre Van Der Hoek



Paper Session: End-User Programming

Chair: Judith Good

full paper: Personality and Intrinsic Motivational Factors in End-User Programming
Saeed Aghaee, Alan Blackwell, Michal Kosinski and David Stillwell
full paper: Fostering the Adoption of Pervasive Displays in Public spaces using Tangible End-User Programming
Tommaso Turchi, Alessio Malizia and Alan Dix
short paper: Scientists Tell Stories about Seeking Help with Programming
Brian Frey and Carolyn Seaman



Paper Session: Debugging and Program Understanding

Chair: Brad Myers

full paper: Facilitating Testing and Debugging of Markov Decision Processes with Interactive Visualization
Sean Mcgregor, Hailey Buckingham, Thomas Dietterich, Rachel Houtman, Claire Montgomery and Ronald Metoyer
full paper: Exploring Novice Programmer Example Use
Michelle Ichinco and Caitlin Kelleher
short paper: A Study of Interactive Code Annotation for Access Control Vulnerabilities
Tyler Thomas, Justin Smith, Emerson Murphy-Hill, Bei-Tseng Chu and Heather Lipford



Paper Session: Software and Program Visualization

Chair: Stefan Sauer

full paper: Codechella: Multi-User Program Visualizations for Real-Time Tutoring and Collaborative Learning
Philip Guo, Jeffery White and Renan Zanelatto
short paper: VisualCues: Visually Explaining Source Code in Computer Science Education
Benjamin Biegel, Sebastian Baltes, Bob Prevos and Stephan Diehl
short paper: Semantic Zooming of Code Change History
Youngseok Yoon and Brad A. Myers
full paper: Toward a Domain-Specific Visual Discussion Forum for Learning Computer Programming: An Empirical Study of a Popular MOOC Forum
Joyce Zhu, Jeremy Warner, Mitchell Gordon, Jeffery White, Renan Zanelatto and Philip Guo




Tue 20 Oct - Main Technical Program Day 2
Location: Salon III




Keynote: Requirements for a Computing-Literate Society

Presenter: Mark Guzdial




Paper Session: Domain-Specific Languages

Chair: Alan Blackwell

full paper: Supporting Exploratory Data Analysis with Live Programming
Danyel Fisher and Robert Deline
full paper: A Visual Language for Experience Sampling
Daniel Rough and Aaron Quigley
short paper: Recording, Processing, and Visualizing Changes in Diagrams
Sonja Maier and Mark Minas
short paper: Tempe: An Integrated Scripting Environment for Data Science
Robert Deline, Danyel Fisher, Badrish Chandramouli, Jonathan Goldstein, Michael Barnett, James Terwiliger and John Wernsing



Paper Session: Design, Evaluation and Theory of Visual Languages

Chair: Mark Minas

★ Best Paper ★ full paper: An fMRI analysis of the efficacy of Euler diagrams in logical reasoning
Yuri Sato, Sayako Masuda, Yoshiaki Someya, Takeo Tsujii and Shigeru Watanabe
short paper: Detecting Problematic Lookup Functions in Spreadsheets
Felienne Hermans, Efthimia Aivaloglou and Bas Jansen
short paper: Interactive visual machine learning in spreadsheets
Advait Sarkar, Mateja Jamnik, Alan Blackwell and Martin Spott
★ Best Short Paper ★ short paper: Extending Scratch: New Pathways into Programming
Sayamindu Dasgupta, Shane Clements, Abdulrahman Y. Idlbi, Chris Willis-Ford and Mitchel Resnick



Paper Session: Collaborative Systems

Chair: Thomas Latoza

short paper: Evaluating a MoLIC Extension for Collaborative Systems Design
Luiz Gustavo de Souza, Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa and Tayana Conte
short paper: Strengthening Collaborative Groups Through Art-Mediated Self-Expression
Mengyao Zhao, Yi Wang and David Redmiles
short paper: Adventures in Assessment: Assessing Collaboration in the Digital Environment
Benjamin Worrell and Catharine Brand
short paper: Understanding Triggers for Clarification Requests in Community-Based Software Help Forums
Nathaniel Hudson, Parmit Chilana, Xiaoyu Guo, Jason Day and Edmund Liu



Reception and Showpieces Exhibition

Showpieces Chairs: Iman Avazpour and Eric Walkingshaw

showpiece: A Multi-view Framework for Generating Mobile Apps
Scott Barnett, Iman Avazpour, Rajesh Vasa, and John Grundy
showpiece: The Scientific Software Network Map: Showing scientists the impact and context of the software they write
Christopher Bogart, James Howison, and James Herbsleb
showpiece: Querying Linked Data with Block Programming
Paolo Bottoni and Miguel Ceriani
showpiece: Generating Readable Diagrammatic Proofs
Jim Burton and Sven Linker
showpiece: Visual and Textual Datasets Exploration
Andrew Fish, Donato Pirozzi, and Vittorio Scarano
showpiece: From Clicks to Code: Resources Women Use to Learn to Code in Apex
Louise Ann Lyon and Kieren Jameson
showpiece: MDPVIS Demo: Facilitating Testing and Debugging of Markov Decision Processes with Interactive Visualization
Sean McGregor, Hailey Buckingham, and Thomas G. Dietterich
showpiece: From Intuition to Measure: Styles of Use in Alice, Identifying patterns of use by observing participants in workshops with Alice
Leonel Morales Díaz, Laura S. Gaytán-Lugo, and Lissette Fleck
showpiece: A Wiki to Help Tool Designers who Want to Put Information Foraging Theory into Practice
Tahmid Nabi, Chris Scaffidi, David Piorkowski, Margaret Burnett, and Scott Fleming
★ Best Showpiece ★ showpiece: Solving Problems by Drawing Solution Paths
Steven L. Tanimoto

Wed 21 Oct - Main Technical Program Day 3
Location: Salon III




Keynote: Taking Stock of Blocks: Promises and Challenges of Blocks Programming Languages

Presenter: Franklyn Turbak




Paper Session: Novel Representations and User Interfaces for Computation

Chair: Andrew Fish

full paper: A Syntax-Directed Keyboard Extension for Writing Source Code on Touch Screens
Islam Almusaly and Ronald Metoyer
full paper: Programs for People: What We Can Learn from Lab Protocols
Keeley Abbott, Christopher Bogart and Eric Walkingshaw
short paper: Adapting higher-order list operators for blocks programming
Soojin Kim and Franklyn Turbak
short paper: Hub Map: A new approach for visualizing traffic data sets with multi-attribute link data
Andrew Simmons, Iman Avazpour, Hai Vu and Rajesh Vasa



Paper Session: Human Aspects and Psychology of Software Development and Language Design

Chair: Steven Tanimoto

★ Honorable Mention ★ full paper: Natural language and programming: designing effective environments for novices
Judith Good and Katherine Howland
full paper: A Principled Evaluation for a Principled Idea Garden
William Jernigan, Amber Horvath, Michael Lee, Margaret Burnett, Taylor Cuilty, Sandeep Kuttal, Anicia Peters, Irwin Kwan, Faezeh Bahmani and Andrew Ko
short paper: A Course-Based Usability Analysis of Cilk Plus and OpenMP
Michael Coblenz, Robert Seacord, Brad Myers, Joshua Sunshine and Jonathan Aldrich



Paper Session: Computational Thinking and Computer Science Education

Chair: Felienne Hermans

full paper: Perceptions of Non-CS Majors in Intro Programming: The Rise of the Conversational Programmer
Parmit Chilana, Celena Alcock, Shruti Dembla, Anson Ho, Ada Hurst, Brett Armstrong and Philip Guo
full paper: Behavior-based clustering of visual code
Sheela Surisetty, Catherine Law and Christopher Scaffidi
full paper: Enabling Independent Learning of Programming Concepts through Programming Completion Puzzles
Kyle Harms, Noah Rowlett and Caitlin Kelleher


Presenters: Eileen Kraemer, Claudia Ermel and Scott Fleming

Thu 22 Oct - Workshop Day
Location: Salon IV




Workshop: Blocks and Beyond: Lessons and Directions for First Programming Environments