12 Marathons in Six Days




With the support of my wife Jo, I ran, scooted or pulled a rickshaw in every year for eleven years, all over Australia, raising over $100,000 for Make A Wish Foundation, Camp Quality, Clown Doctors and Canteen, all supporting young Australian living with cancer.   All Reports on http://vlastislav.skvaril.googlepages.com


Due to Jo’s brain surgery, we had a two year pause, since she could not drive to provide the support for long distance fundraisers as before.

Luckily, she has almost overcome her health problems and we are now hopeful, that in 2014 we might be able to do again something special to raise funds for those young sufferers. But the donations are now more urgent than ever and we have decided to do at least something, more feasible at the moment.


I am going to run at least twelve Marathons in six days.

To do it and have it officially confirmed, I entered a Six Day Race in Hungary (unfortunately we do not have such a race in Australia). We will be visiting our families in the Czech Republic as well, so this will be part of our holiday.

The race will take place from 8th till 14th May 2013. Jo will be with me of course, but will not have to worry too much about me, since all the support will be provided by the organisers. We have already paid for the travel and the entry fees, so, as always, every cent donated will go directly to “Canteen.”

The race is ran on a 900 m track, the results will be available on their website    http://www.unixsport.hu/hatnaposfutoverseny?cid=74255

I will be trying to run more than just twelve Marathons and also will attempt to break Australian and possibly World Age Records.


I am asking all supporters of those deserving young Australian to make a donation  to  https://give.everydayhero.com/au/vlastislav-skvaril   by a Credit Card, the amount will go directly to Canteen Account, or by Cheque addressed to “Canteen” and sent to their address

CanTeen  Tasmania  PO Box 63  Battery Point  Tas  7004

The times are tough, we have had floods and bushfires, lots of people suffered big losses and need support, but the young sufferers must not be forgotten. I hope that many people will be able to find few extra dollars to assist. The smiles on the faces of those young brave Australians will be the greatest rewards.


Thank you.


Vlastik and Jo Skvaril