Curriculum Vitae (CV, Resume)

Personal Information

Name, Surname: Vladislavs Rudenko
Date of Birth: 20th July 1972
Citizenship: Latvian
Marital status: married, 2 childs
Address: Riga, Latvia


I am a software engineer with 18 years of professional experience in building of desktop, embedded and web
mission critical business software, and 12 years in managing small software development departments.

I have an expert knowledge in retail automation, electronic payments and video surveillance businesses, wide and
deep IT knowledge and skills. Last decade I am worked in companies in various roles, depending
on project and its stage, such as: system architect, senior developer, project manager, team leader,
business analyst, support engineer. During this time I wrote a lot of code, designed new solutions,
worked with local and foreign business partners and customers, helping them to resolve their business goals.

My preferred programming languages are C# and C++ and I'm using them already for 13 (C#) and 20 (C++) years.
The platforms was all Windows, embedded ARM and little bit Linux (although I like Linux a much).
When creating software products I like to create elegant and efficient code, to make refactoring if necessary.

I feel good in team leader or team player positions as well as an independent developer.
I am communicable, self-motivated, and enthusiastic person. I don't afraid to make decisions and take responsibility.
I like to work, like to solve complex tasks and problems, and able to work in multitasking mode.
I am always willing to learn new IT technologies and perform self-education every day.

Work Experience

2010 - 2013   

Senior Developer / 

Software Development Manager,  Luxriot

Major projects

  • 2010-2013: Taking part in developing of Luxriot Video Management Systemwell-known worldwide video surveillance
    software product. Implemented multiple tasks, for example: integration of some IP cameras, integration of 
    gSOAP and ONVIF, enhancing of software protection mechanism, etc.
    Technologies: MS VC++, COM, ATL, gSOAP      Roles: Senior Developer, Project Manager (since 2013)
    Project size: more than 1 million of source lines.
  • 2010-2011: Developing (from prototype) Automatic License Plate Recognition software
    Technologies: MS .NET C#, COM Interop, WiX;  Databases: SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgre.
    Roles: all (single developer project)       Many installations worldwide since 2011.

  • 2012-2013: Developing (from scratch) web based software for centralized monitoring and managing of VMS servers.
    Software is capable to monitor many thousands servers from single machine and ready for Azure cloud deployment.
    Technologies: C#, ASP MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ, Razor, jQuery, protobuf, WiX. C++/COM/ATL on VMS server side.
    Roles: System Architect, Senior Developer, Project Manager.        Project size: up to 0.1 million of source lines.

Main management activities

  • Improve expanding SW development department; tools, technologies, environment, versioning, etc.
  • Introducing continuous integration, OEM build automatization.
  • Build, release and configuration management
  • Reviewing committed code to ensure quality
  • Applying some agile management methods
  • Taking part in company's technology and business decisions making
  • Hiring developers

2010.06   Senior Developer,  Hypercom (now 

Equinox Payment)


  • Taken part in migration of multi-lane terminal code from Nucleus RTOS to new L5000 series terminals with embedded Linux.
  • Provided recommendations to improve SW development dept

2001 - 2010   Software Engineer / Software Development Manager,  Computer Hardware Design SIA

Main management activities
  • Building (almost from scratch) and improving SW development department; team, tools, technologies, environment, etc.
  • Applying of Agile approaches (since 2004), like continuous integration, unit testing, Scrum, etc.
  • Building of testing sub-department (team, automatic test systems) (since 2005)
  • Team member coaching, code reviewing
  • Build, release and configuration management
  • Taking part in company's IT and business decisions making
Major projects
  • 2007-2010: Developing (from scratch) new generation of cash register software (CHD3050, CHD5620CHD7000M, FMPOS, etc.)
    and multiple related internal and public sub-projects (Data Converters, ECR Configurator, Profiler, etc.).
    Technologies: IAR Embedded C++ (and ASM), MS Visual C++, MS Embedded C++, MS Visual C#.
    Platforms: Renesas M32C, ARM7, Windows CE, and Win32 (simulator).
    Roles: Project Manager, Senior Developer, System Architect
    Project size: 0.3 million of source lines. Hundreds of installations in 2008-2010.
  • 2001-2010: Developing (from scratch) point of sale software CHDPOS and related sub-projects such as Back Office Tools,
    Virtual Fiscal Printer and EFT Virtual Terminal.
    Technologies: MS .NET, C#, SQL, Deklarit (Database RAD tool), MSDE 2000.
    Roles: System Architect, Business Analyst, Senior Developer, Project Manager, Support Engineer.
    Project size: 0.6 million of source lines. Number of installations in 2003-2007: >2000.
    Integrated with a lot of local and also international (like SAP, Axapta, Retalix) back office and front office software systems,
    and with many devices. As developer implemented most of core components, including sophisticated promotion engine.
  • 2001-2010: Developing (from scratch) credit card authorization software: CHD EFT Server.
    Technologies: MS .NET, C#, MSDE (initially - MS Access)
    Roles: System Architect, Team Leader, Project Manager, Senior Developer, support and monitoring
    Project size: 0.22 million of source lines. Number of installations in 2002-2007: >200, served >2500 point of sale terminals.
     More detailed technical information about these projects available upon request.

Some other projects

  • 2007-2009: Open source software development and management (.NET, C#) - (>1000 users worldwide)
  • 2007: File exchange application CHDFEX (similar to MSMQ) (.NET, C#) (Project Manager, System Architect)
  • 2005: Visual configuration application for cash registers (.NET, C#) Project Manager
  • 2002-2005: Cash register legacy embedded projects (Renesas M32 ASM), development process QA manager, developer (2 months)
  • 1999-2006: Many cash register drivers (most recent:
            Technologies: Visual C++, Win32, Linux
            Roles: Project Manager, System Architect, Senior Developer
            Numbers of installations: >10000 in many countries

Other activities

  • 1996-2006 Member of Latvian State Revenue Service expert group for certification of retail systems.
    Participated in many certifications of different software solutions for retail stores and gasoline stations in Latvia.
  • Integration consultant for most of company's software
  • Remote monitoring and upgrading of different live installations
  • Solving complex support tasks, consulting and training support department
  • Creating technical docs and presentation materials
  • Consulting sales department, performing sales presentations for IT-experienced customers
  • 2002-2008 Administering Subversion, SourceSafe, JIRA, Confluence, and some other development life-cycle tools.
    Proposed and managed virtualization of some.

Some of major business partners and customers I worked with (since 1996)

  • IBM Latvia, DATI, TietoEnator, HB International (Iceland), Fujitsu Siemens (Finland), Retalix (Israel), Columbus IT,
    Siemens, DnBNord, First Data Latvia/Lithuania, Solcraft, BHRS, and many others.
  • AirBaltic, Latvian Post, Narvesen, Elvi, RIMI, Drogas, Linstow, Depo, Rautakesko, and many others.
     References available upon request.

1995 - 2001  Software Developer / Support Engineer,  Computer Hardware Design SIA

Main software development and integration projects (all are single developer projects)
  • 2000-2001 Virtual Fiscal Printer software (.NET Framework, C#). First installation at Dec 2001.
  • 1996, 2000  Several versions of Fiscal Memory for Latvia -  hardware, firmware, DOS/Win32/Unix drivers.
    Technologies: embedded C, assembler, C++. Number of installation: >3000
  • 1998-1999 Gasoline Station Pump Server software. (Pilot installation in Iceland)
    Technologies: MSDOS, Borland C++, Netbios, serial comms, multitasking
  • 1998 - Adopting and certifying IBM Point Of Sale software for Latvia (RIMI chain)
  • 1997-1998 Developing of additional boards with several microcontrollers, firmware and also PC driver to add online functionality
    to CHD2010 offline cash register. Technologies: PIC assembler, MSDOS, Borland C++. Number of installations: ~300
  • 1997 - Data capture server for HB EFT servers. Used in BankServiss (now First Data) authorization center until 2004.
    Technologies: C++, DOS, ISDN, analog modems. Served ~600 point of sale terminals.
  • 1996-1997 Adopting HB POS/EFT solutions for Latvia. Supporting until 2000.
    Implementing many additional utilities for integrations with other back office softwares. (MSDOS, C++)
  • 1996  Adopting and certifying IBM Fiscal Printer for Latvian Post.
  • 1995 - Developing of additional board and firmware for connection of IBM PC keyboard to CHD20X0 cash registers.
    Technologies: PIC assembler. Number of installations: ~1000
  • 1995-1996 Point of sales software (MS-DOS, FoxPro and C++ code as TSR overlay)
Other activities
  • Integration consultant for all POS/EFT software
  • Technical sales presentations
  • Full service & support for POS/EFT solutions, both software and hardware (until 1999)
  • POS systems end-user training

Part time jobs during education ...


1993 - 1997 - M.Sc, Riga Technical University, Information Technology

1989 - 1993 - B.Sc, Riga Technical University, Automatic and Control in Technical Systems
Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering. Total average mark: 4.94 (5 is maximum).

1984-1989 - Riga Secondary School No. 20 (with mathematics and informatics direction)
   Graduated with medal.

1981-1984 - Dnepropetrovsk Secondary School No. 83, Ukraine
1979-1981 - Dnepropetrovsk Secondary School No. 112, Ukraine

Patents, Awards, Certificates

2001  Latvian Patent No. 12636 - Fiscal storage provided with electrically programmable read-only memory. (Used by CHD up to 2007)
2000  Latvian Patent No. 12534 - Method of counterfeit detection of microcontroller internal program code locked from reading

2000 Brainbench Certificate "OO Concepts"
2000 Brainbench Certificate "Programmer/Analyst Aptitude"

1989 Latvian Open Informatics Olympiad 2nd place
1989 Latvian Mathematical Olympiad 3rd place
1989 Latvian Astronomy Olympiad 3rd place
1987 Riga Physic Olympiad 1st place
1987 Riga Chemistry Olympiad 1st place
        and some others

Training & Courses

10.2006 - Retalix Retail Software training, Retalix, Israel

07.2003 - EMV Training. Ingenico, France

05.2003 - UNICAPT32 development platorm. Ingenico, France

1996-1999  Annual retail software seminars. HB International, Iceland

1988-1989  Operator of ES mainframe (a Soviet clone of IBM 360/370), Riga Secondary School No. 20
                 Learned: Unix shell, batch jobs, PL/I basics.

Private Experience ...

Software Development Skills

Project Management
   Agile software development. Requirements and system analysis.
   Estimations for complex tasks.
Good communication and team building skills.

Programming languages:
   C# (2000-present),  C++ (1993-present), C (1991-2002), SQL (1997-present),
   FoxPro (1995-1996), Pascal (1989-1992), Basic (1987-1991), multiple Assemblers (1988-present),
   VBScript, Python.

Programming technologies
   OO Programming and Design (since 1992), common design patterns, unit testing,
   TDD, refactoring,
profiling, multi-threading (since 1998), XML, TCP, HTTP, SOA, WSDL, COM, ATL,
   Windows API, serial and modem communications, batch scripting, and many others.

   CruiseControl.Net, Jerkins, TestDriven.Net, NUnit, Subversion, Git, JIRA, Google App Engine,
   Microsoft Visual Studio 6/2003/2008/2012, IIS Express, Dotfuscator
and others.

Operation Systems:
   MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 (professional level)
   Linux (Gentoo, Ubuntu) (basic level)
   Windows CE (basic level)

   UnifiedPOS (OPOS), ARTS Data Model and XML
   EMV, ISO-8583, VISA, APACS authorization protocols.
   ONVIFITILRetail system legislation in different countries.
   Excellent knowledge in digital electronics and good in analog.

Language skill

  • English - fluent
  • Latvian - fluent
  • Russian - mother tongue

Other information

Driver's license: B category (since 1996)


Sport: badminton, volleyball, martial arts.
Science, hi-tech, space exploration and cloud computing news.