Orphans in Vladimir, Russia 2010

see a video clip by Mike Rubbo

At the start of 2003 in Russia more than 700 thousand children were living in the streets, and one wondered what fate would befall them……

  Since then the international community and foster families stepped in, and now there are about 200 thousand children living with carers.

  But many children live in orphanages.  It is a sad thing, as most poignantly shown in the film 'The Italian' – no mother, father or any other family to share a child’s happiness or grief, no one to take a personal interest in him.

  Back in 2003 there were just 8 families carers in Vladimir.  Now this has multiplied 100 times to 800 families.  Some of these families may foster up to 15 children each.

These children need your help to buy medication, food and clothes. Government subsidy to the families is just $1 per child, per day, and this only buys some milk and bread.

The Russian community in Australia has been assisting some of these foster families.

A film ‘Better Than A Dozen’ about the foster families in Vladimir, made by Mike & Katya Rubbo, was shown in Melbourne and Sydney Russian communities, see a video clip

Please help these children and these wonderful families by donating generously to the Vladimir Foster Families’ Fund.

You can make enquiries on email as to how best to help or make an electronic transfer as per details below:

РОССИЙСКИЙ ДЕТСКИЙ ФОНД (Владимирское областное отделение)

ЗАО «Республиканский банк»

г. Владимир БИК 041708764, к/с30101810100000000764,

ИНН 3327700743 КПП 332801001


Мордасова Лидия Александровна

Председатель правления

(in charge Lidija Alexandrovna Mordasova)

email: vrdf@mail.ru


Адрес: 600017 Владимир, ул. Луначарского, 3, к.11

Тел. (492-22) 3-59-30