Homepage of Vladimir Lotoreichik

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Brief CV:  

Personal Data: 
Vladimir Yu. Lotoreichik, 
citizenship: Russian Federation
born: January 1985. 

How to contact me:
E-Mail: vladimir  (dot)  lotoreichik (at) gmail (dot) com

Employment and scientific interests:
  • current position: lecturer assistant and PhD student at University ITMO, 
    St. Petersburg, advisor prof. Igor Yu. Popov.
  • PhD speciality:: mathematical physics.
  • field of interests: 
    • Spectral analysis of self-adjoint elliptic operators.
    • Spectral analysis of Sturm-Liouville operators and Jacobi matrices.
    • Weyl-Titchmarsh function and its generalizations.
    • Asymptotic integration of linear systems.
    • Non-self-adjoint operators.