TCD Problem Solving Group

Problem-solving group: an introduction

This is a page summarising some past and the current activities of the problem-solving group at School of Maths, Trinity College Dublin.

We strongly encourage students to attend. Problem-solving is the main business of mathematicians, problem-solving leads to innovation, and the great problem solvers are our heroes: Tartaglia, Newton, Euler, Abel, Galois, Hermite, Ramanujan, Einstein, Gödel, Cohen, Matiyasevich, Wiles, Perelman... but down here on earth, it should be possible to get a lot from the sessions if you simply attend, without taking the work home. Of course, some students will be interested in competitions, and that will require more commitment.

It is expected that the sessions will explore diverse approaches to problem-solving, with several staff members (currently there are five: Vladimir Dotsenko, Sergey Mozgovoy, Timothy Murphy, Colm O Dunlaing and Masha Vlasenko) taking different sessions, in rotation.

The sessions have three aims:

    To introduce students to the experience of discussing and solving problems such as are posed in mathematics competitions.
    Periodically, to work on problems posed in the AMM and submit solutions under the name `TCDmath problem group.' Five solutions have been submitted already.
    For the more committed student participants, to help them prepare for the IMC (international mathematics competition).

All information about problem-solving sessions will eventually appear on this webpage. To receive all the updates promptly, we recommend to join the mailing list, through this http URL. Any e-mail sent to the mailing list (by someone on the list) will be automatically sent to all people subscribed; please use this functionality wisely.

Arrangements for Michaelmas 2013

Meeting time/venue: Tuesday, 4pm, M4 in Museum Building

First meeting: October 1st. Run by Tim Murphy.

Maths battles

In 2012/13, we had two Maths battles (see here if you want to know what it is). Problem sheets from those are available here and here. We shall definitely continue with those this year. This is the protocol of the first battle, photo taken on the spot:
maths battle November 2

Various materials

Materials for meetings dedicated to American Mathematical Monthly problems

Materials for meetings dedicated to International Mathematical Competition problems

Archives of the year 2012/13 are partly available at this http URL.

Archive of the academic year 2011/2012

Problem set 1
Problem set 2
Problem set 3
Problem set 4
Problem set 5
Problem set 6
Problem set 7
Problem set 8
Problem set 9
Problem set 10
Problem set 11
Problem set 12
Problem set 13
Problem set 14
Problem set 15
Problem set 16
Problem set 17
Problem set 18
Problem set 19
Problem set 20
Problem set 21
Problem set 22

Answer set 1
Answer set 2
Answer set 3
Answer set 4
Answer set 5
Answer set 6
Answer set 7
Answer set 8
Answer set 9