MA4492: Project

MA 4492: Project

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MA4491/4492 is an optional module for students in their final year that offers some research experience in the shape of a half-year or a full-year project. Feel free to contact me (or any other staff member of School of Maths, to that matter) about topics for final year projects; I think that solving some problem as a project is more fun, but I can suggest reading–oriented projects as well. Your name can easily end up on the list below!

Year 2012/13

Stiofain Fordham, Topics in invariant theory
Jack Kelly, Boson—Fermion Correspondence and its generalisations

Year 2010/11

Eoin Murphy, Posets and algebraic topology (summer internship)
Ronan Darcy, Topological proof(s) of Abel's theorem
Ruadhai Dervan, Hilbert schemes of points
Josh Tobin, A case study of Gröbner bases and Anick's resolution

Year 2009/10

Nick Byrne, Basics of representation theory and finite dimensional representations of the relation x2+y2=xy (summer internship)
Sean Damery, Complex numbers, quaternions, and sums of squares (summer internship)

Year 2008/09

Mark Christiansen, Elliptic curves and cryptography (summer internship)

Year 2007/08

Cathal Cooney, Singular vectors in twisted tensor squares