Vladislav (Vladi) Dvoyris

Curriculum Vitae

Vladislav (Vladi) Dvoyris, b. January 21st, 1983, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine (formerly USSR). Repatriated to Israel in May 1992. Current location: Petah-Tikva / Jerusalem, Israel.


Since the age of 15 wrote for several local newspapers and teen magazines. Volunteered as a producer at the Petah-Tikva local cable-TV station.

Published in Hebrew at YNET, NRG, "Rating", Tve.co.il, Stage Magazine and in personal web-logs (Hebrew, Russian).

Published a radio corner in the night radio-show "Lo rotsim lishon" on the Israel Army Radio "Galei Tzahal".

Military: IDF academic reserve


Schooled at Petah-Tikvah. Graduated the Golda Meir High School at 2001.

Graduated the Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel) in 2005 with a B.Sc. (Bachelor of Medical Sciences) degree.

Current occupation:

Currently continuing education towards a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree, at the Faculty of Dental Medicine (Hadassah Medical Centre, Jerusalem, Israel).

Research interests:

1. Implications of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on oral health.

2. Integration of immigrants from the post-Soviet region into the israeli media.

3. Israeli TV and popular culture.

4. The anti-gagging and antiemetic effect of 5-HT3 antagonists in dental situations.

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