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About my writing:

I've been writing since I can remember.  Lately, I've picked it up again in hopes of becoming a paid freelance writer.  I've been writing since August, on a variety of topics, in a variety of formats, hoping someone will pay me to do the one thing I know for sure I'm good at.

My freelance writing experience:  SEO optimization, top ten lists, newspaper articles, movie reviews, short stories, research papers. 

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Freelance Articles

Movie Review (11/07)
(Accepted by thetruthmagazine.com for December issue)

 Group of 8 350 Word Freelance Articles (PDF) (10/07)
(accepted by http://www.afterhimmedia.com/
Reference available upon request)

Nuclear Powerplants in North Carolina (.doc) (9/07)
(accepted by http://www.southporttimes.com/)

Lighthouse (A Halloween Prompt) (.doc)(9/07)
(Pending acceptance)

Toothbrushes (.doc)(9/07)
(accepted by http://www.commonties.corg/)

RafterJumpon Submissions (10/07)
(accepted by http://www.rafterjumpon.com/)

Class Projects 

Russia's Muslim Population and the Pluralism Theory of Social Order [DOC] [4/07]

Waking from the Freeze: Russia's International Trade Policy in the Post-Soviet Era [12/06]

Proposal to Applebee's Regarding Nutritional Information(PDF) [12/06]

Strategic Analysis of BP, p.l.c (PDF)[12/05]

Strategic Analysis of Verizon Communications, Inc. [DOC] [5/06]

Strategic Analysis of Bernal Yoga [12/05]
[available upon request] 

Reasons for Attending College (PDF)[9/04] 

412 Seminar Project Page[5/06]