VKM Bushwhacker 2013

Muskegon River

May 25 to 31, 2013

230 Mile Bushwhacker Muskegon

Primitive camping available at the starting location.
Captain's meeting Friday night at 8pm.

Start time is 7am on May 25 on the East side of Houghton Lake.

This is a 230 mile run, all downstream with many, many logjams in the upper reaches.
There are 3 dams to portage and a few large impoundments to cross that could be difficult in some weather conditions.

Finish at Muskegon State Park by 7pm on Friday, May 31

There is no fee for this paddling event.

Start for the Bushwhacker is located at:
143 Oneida
Houghton Lake, MI

Pictures / Trip Reports

2011 Halfwhacker (Pine River)

Halfwhacker 2011

Expedition Style Guidelines
for the
Bushwhacker Challenge 2013 Event 

Challenger will follow all safety guidelines established by the US Coast Guard and/or any other legal Michigan authority.

Challenger will complete the entire course without any preplanned arrangements from land teams, pit crews or shore help.

Challenger can attain help along the way from strangers, other Challengers or “Good Samaritans” as long as it is not pre-planned.

Challengers will use watercraft based on traditional canoes or kayaks.

There is no length or width restrictions to watercraft.

Watercraft can only be powered by human paddle and or peddle power.

All water and/or portage miles will be completed under Challengers own human athletic power.

Human powered wheeled devices can be used for portage miles of Challenge, but must be carried for the entire route. Challenger will be held to the rules of any public highway, road, trail or path that is used during the Challenge.

All Challengers will be responsible for their own safety before, during and after the event and are assumed experts in their chosen form of expedition travel.