AuSable River Run

AuSable River Run 2013

August 30 - September 2

Grayling to Oscoda

Paddle solo or tandem.
Expedition Style - self supported at all times.
Participants are assumed masters of their ship, with safe piloting skills and efficient wilderness traveling technique.

Start at the Old AuSable Fly Shop in downtown Grayling on August 30 at 4pm.

Paddle and portage down the AuSable River 116 miles and 561 vertical feet. Portage over 6 hydro-electric dams and across 6 open water dam impoundments to the town of Oscoda.

Finish at the AuSable Inn in Oscoda by noon on September 2.


200 Ingham Street
Grayling, MI 49738
(989) 348-3330

100 South State Street
Oscoda, MI 48750
(989) 747-0350