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Vadim Kataev is software engineer. He works at Nuance Communications, which is most famous for its embedded speech recognition software.

His professional experience includes design and development embedded systems, compilers, virtual machines, DSP algorithms, and pattern recognition techniques. His common interests are computationally effective methods and algorithms, pattern recognition and applied mathematics.

He is open for constructive contacts, offers and different ideas.


vkataev аt gmail.com

Tel:+49 176 781 211 01

Vadim speaks English, German, and his native Russian

About this site

Dear visitor,
This website is a collection of different stuff, mostly related to my interests: computer science, design of embedded systems, digital design of FPGA/ASIC devices, Digital Signal Processing, and Computer Engineering. Here you can find different howtos, documentation, data sheets and tutorials.

Digital Design Area

Xilinx ISE in Linux Shell HOWTO
Useful Links to Digital Design Resources

Tips and Tricks, Linux, VHDL FAQ

Parsing VHDL program using Python
Hardware Digital Filter Design


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Algorithmic Skeletons (pdf)
Hardware fault tolerance through Artificial Immune System & Presentation (pdf & pdf)
Story creation by intelligent agents (pdf)
Hardware-in-the-Loop & Presentation (pdf)
Multiprocessor-in-the-Loop & Presentation (pdf)
Simulation of the Video through 802.11e (pdf)


Video. Feature vectors (spectral frames) (video)
Dialog with Jack. Stock prices (video)

Online contributions

Review of "A new kind of science" 
Review of "The Art of Prolog"


 PyZX is an emulator of the ZX Spectrum, a popular 1980s home computer, especially in Russia, Germany and the UK. This is the first known version of the Spectrum emulators written in Python programming language. Thanks to Jasper(http://www.spectrum.lovely.net/) for real great free Java emulator of ZX Spectrum. Big amount of code was just automatically translated from Java into Python, so we need more optimization/rewriting to reach good speed of emulation. My motto: Python+Pygame is Fast

Python game Is a demonstration of simple game-AI in action. I just had to prove to myself that it is possible with the help of only python+pygame to build a full featured Game. I've spend one evening along, and now you see this result. I like this game very much. You have to eat rabits and avoid a touch with blue snakes or with yourself. Try to devise your special tactics. Remember that enemy snakes can attack you if you are near to them. You need to somehow to lure snakes from the center.

dna.py is realistic and understandable (as possible) Python script, that simulates functionality of protein building from the genetic information. Genetic information is encoded in the sequence of four nucleotides arranged in the codons of three bases each.

zeta-graph.py is simple animated Riemann zeta-function drawing programm. It requires matplotlib to be installed. It generates very funny graphs, like this one:

animated_pi.py builds an animated diagram of distribution of the digits in pi (using any base) with constantly growing precision. Gauss-Legendre method is used to generate digits of pi (click the picture to view animation):


Xilinx ISE and Linux Makefile HOWTO describes how to use Xilinx ISE in the Linux Shell.

Design Digital Filters explans how to create a simple but optimal digital filter and can serve as good tutorial into hardware digital filters design.

PyPong  Pong game using physical microcontroller, connected through the serial port with PC to control position of a rocket. This is a good example, how Python program can work together with a microcontroller.

Simplest Hardware Terminal PS/2 to COM is very simple and cheap for synthesis VHDL RTL design, that could help to connect a FPGA based CPU to PS/2 keyboard and to PC through a serial port. PC rs232 terminal program as well as Makefile and all sources are included.

Useful Links present different digital design resources

Tips and Tricks, VHDL FAQ


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