Welcome to the ViziProbe project

ViziProbe is a software tool for visualizating of EEG data results from intracerebral electrodes. ViziProbe is being developed by members of Medical Signals group (Medisig) of Institute of Scientific Instruments at Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno, Czech republic
Developement started at 2013; at 2015 we have decided to publish the software under MIT licence as an open-source project.

ViziProbe is licensed under MIT licence. Full licence text can be found at http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Software features

To use ViziProbe you need to have two input files - CSV file describing electrodes positions and TXT file describing activities, connected to electrode poles. 
Then you can do the following:
  • select time range to display activities
  • set alghorithm (sumation, sum positives, sum negatives and activity counter)
  • display connectivity results (based on series of two-dimensional matrixes in TXT activity file)
  • display probes activity (based on series of one-dimensional matrixes in TXT activity file)
  • change grafical properties such line width, opacity, colors
  • change opacity of illustrative brain picture
  • export image (to clipboard or file)
  • export animation in a single AVI or GIF file or PNG image series