You Girls are Rockin! 

Homepage for Female Rock Musicians who want to live Abundantly,Healthy,& Creatively.

Welcome to an idea that came to me out of the blue-a webpage to nurture female musicians (all ages with a tad more focus on those in the 30+range to live creative,rockin,but smart lifestyles! This page is not "religious"but does respect the fact that all spiritual paths lead to the same place-spiritual growth. If you have found your "spiritual home",the first step is to follow your path. If you haven't,then I encourage you to seek it. I'm hoping to include links to help women improve & maintain their health & finances-the two top things that affect ones ability to create.

Going Back to Go Forward

You think about being in a band again wistfully,yet one of the most challenging aspects for women (esp those who used to play & gave it up) is simply playing again. For many,it's the inner guilt trip(s) and regrets than can be experienced in just dragging the dusty guitar case out,uncovering the drum set that hasn't been touched in years,etc.

First step for those of you in this situation is to forgive yourself for choices made in youth. How we thought we smugly knew it all in our 20's! (Esp true for those of us who were into the 80's)Think of the empowerment & joy we felt when you did play. That's what we're here to tap into again. So go look & see how the old Tele is doing,get a new set of strings,sticks,whatever applies to you,and have a reunion. Light candles,burn incense,set up a groovin atmosphere to get re-aquainted in. And going back to our music doesn't mean we're going back as in denying where we are now. We're wiser,have a lot of life experience under our belt,and we're not giving that up for anything.

Once your instrument of choice is ready to play,be patient with allow yourself to be a beginner again. Your fingers won't fly as they did before due to inactivity but you will get your chops back. You will more than likely forgotten parts of songs you knew by heart,but you'll either remember them in time or you can look em up on the web. For you chicks that play drums and are middle aged,I would strongly recommend checking with your dr before really getting into heavy playing. More than like likely he or she will be delighted as drumming is a fantastic cardio workout.