Hamburg, November 25, 2013 - 9:00-12:00 AM

At the SWIB13 conference in Hamburg, November 25-27, 2013, a pre-conference VivoCamp will be organised, focused on exchanging experiences with and information about Vivoan open source tool based on linked open data concepts for connecting research information within and across institutions.  

The objectives of the meeting will be achieved through discussion, demos and hands-on activities.

Topics can be:

  • Business case: added value of linking research information and publications

  • Legal aspects, licensing

  • Ontologies used, alignment with the CERIF format

  • Data sources, data types, integration with platforms like Mendeley, Researchgate, Figshare, national or discipline based research gateways

  • Technical implementation

The idea is to have short presentations and demos (5-10 minutes) on a number of topics by a couple of experienced people, followed by discussion, Q&A, panels etc.

Valeria Pesce

Lambert Heller

Lukas Koster

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