Europe 2010

Larry King was interviewing Shawn Johnson. Something about a stalker and such. A group of very enthusiastic school kids from Spain were waiting to board the flight to Madrid. My flight to Heathrow was delayed by an hour. This was perfect, I got to catch up with all my friends, say goodbye, and get started on "Dear John". The last minute stress of packing, activating international roaming and the like was starting to take a toll on me. I had "Dear John" and "Twilight" on the agenda to finish during this vacation. I had received two clear instructions, one from friends and one at work. One was not to have any agenda, the other was to quit checking email. I was surprised at how well I followed both.
Writing about thirteen days of travel can get pretty verbose. So clearly, posting it on the blog wasn't a good choice.  So I decided to put it up on a new site, break it up by city, and add pictures.
I hope you'll enjoy Europe through my eyes ! As always, spamming the site with comments is very welcome !
- Sang