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 Deutsche Bundesbank
 KU Leuven

Published Articles and Manuscripts

Risk Sharing in the Euro Area: The Role of the Interbank Market (with Alice Servais), April 2017. Under revision.

The Interdependence of Monetary and Macroprudential Policy under the Zero Lower Bound (with Stefania Villa), September 2017. Submitted.

The Financial Market Effects of the ECB's Asset Purchase Programs (with Markus Roth), August 2017. Submitted. 
    Media coverage: Handelsblatt, n-tv, Börsenzeitung.

Interest Rate Rules under Financial Dominance (with Markus Roth), November 2017. Submitted. 
Employment, Hours and the Welfare Effects of Intra-Firm Bargaining (with Maarten Dossche and Céline Poilly), July 2016. Previous title: 'Employment, Hours and Optimal Monetary Policy'. R&R (second round), Journal of Monetary Economics. [ Appendix ]
Fiscal Policy and Inflation in a Monetary Union (with José-Miguel Cardoso-Costa), October 2017, Economica 84(336), 779–796. [ Appendix ]

Government Spending, Entry and the Consumption Crowding-In Puzzle, (with Roland Winkler), August 2017, International Economic Review 58(3), 943–972. [ Appendix ]

Fiscal Policy and Business Formation in Open Economies (with Roland Winkler), December 2015, Research in Economics 69(4), 603-620. 
Product Diversity, Demand Structures and Optimal Taxation (with Roland Winkler), April 2015, Economic Inquiry 53(2), 979-1003. 
    This is a substantially revised version of the Ghent University working paper 'Product Diversity, Strategic Interactions and Optimal Taxation', July 2010.
Entry and Markup Dynamics in an Estimated Business Cycle Model (with Arnoud Stevens), February 2015, European Economic Review 74, 14-35. [ Appendix ]  
   Winnaar VvE-Prijs 2013 / Winner of the Prize of the Economics Society Flanders 2013,
Optimal Monetary Policy and Firm Entry, November 2013, Macroeconomic Dynamics 17(8), 1687-1710

Firm Entry, Markups and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism (with Céline Poilly), November 2012, Journal of Monetary Economics 59(7), 670-685. [ Model Appendix, Results Appendix ]
Robust Monetary Policy in a Model with Financial Distress (with Rafael Gerke and Felix Hammermann), June 2012, Journal of Macroeconomics 34(2), 318-325.
Business Cycle Evidence on Firm Entry, November 2009, Macroeconomic Dynamics 13(5), 605-624.
Misspecification, Learning and the Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle (with Agnieszka Markiewicz), April 2009, The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 9(1) (Topics), Article 13. [ Matlab codes ]
Productivity and the Euro-Dollar Real Exchange Rate, July 2007, Review of World Economics 127(2), 324-348.

Book Chapters

Decoster, André and Erwin Ooghe (2017). ‘Economie. Een Inleiding'. Leuven University Press. Chapters 25-27.

Work in Progress

Monetary Policy and Labour Hoarding: the ECB vs the Fed. Joint with Stefania Villa and Maik Wolters.

Labor Adjustment at the Zero Lower Bound: Evidence from the OECD. Joint with Maarten Dossche and Andrea Gazzani.
The Employment Effects of Corporate Tax Shocks: New Evidence and Some Theory. Joint with Andrea Colciago and Branka Matyska.


Carletti, E.; R. Marquez and S. Petriconi (2017), The Redistributive Effects of Bank Capital Regulation [ discussion ]
    BBK-CEPR-IWH Conference: 'The Future of Financial Intermediation', Eltville am Rhein, 9th November 2017.

Benigno, P. and S. Nistico (2017), The Non-Neutrality of Open-Market Operations [ discussion
    Annual DNB Research Conference9th-10th October 2017, De Nederlandsche Bank
Rabanal, P. and M. Taheri-Sanjani (2015), Incorporating Financial Cycles in Output Gap Measures: Estimates for the Euro Area [ discussion ]
    Ghent Workshop on Empirical Macroeconomics, Ghent University, 2nd June 2015.
Andrade, P., C. Cahn, H. Fraisse and J.-S. Mesonnier (2014), Can Unlimited Liquidity Provision Help to Avoid a Credit Crunch? Evidence from the Eurosystem's LTROs [ discussion ]
    T2M Conference, 27th March 2015, Humboldt University Berlin.
Menna, L. and P. Tirelli (2014), Limited Asset Market Participation and Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policies [ discussion ]
    Meeting of Rastanews Project, 12th March 2015, Bicocca University Milan.

Weber, H. (2013), Learning by Doing in New Firms and the Optimal Rate of Inflation [ discussion ]
    Bundesbank Task Force on Monetary Transmission, 2nd workshop, 30th January 2015, Deutsche Bundesbank.

Casares, M. and J.-C. Poutineau (2014), A DSGE Model with Endogenous Entry and Exit [ discussion ]
    1st Macro-Economics International Workshop, 4th and 5th December 2014, University of Rennes.
Abbate, A. and D. Thaler (2014), Monetary Policy Effects on Bank Risk Taking [ discussion ]
    Bundesbank Task Force on Monetary Transmission workshop, 1st October 2014, Deutsche Bundesbank.
Bacchetta, P., K. Benhima and C. Poilly (2014), Corporate Cash and Employment [ discussion ]
    Norges Bank Workshop: New Development in Business Cycle Analysis: The Role of Labor Markets and International Linkages, 20th June 2014, Norges Bank.   
Zervou, A. (2013), Firms’ Finance, Cyclical Sensitivity and the Role of Monetary Policy [ discussion ]
    DNB Conference The Role of Financial Intermediaries in Monetary Policy Transmission, 20th June 2013, De Nederlandsche Bank.

Quint, D. and P. Rabanal (2013), Monetary and Macroprudential Policy in an Estimated DSGE Model of the Euro Area [ discussion ]
    Workshop on Empirical Macroeconomics, 7th June 2013, Ghent University.

Buzaushina, A., Z. Enders and M. Hoffmann (2011), International Financial Markets' Influence on the Pricing Currency Choice [ discussion ]
    Joint Lunchtime Seminar Special Event on Macro and Finance, 14th October 2011, Goethe University Frankfurt.
Adam, K., P. Kuang and A. Marcet (2011), House Price Booms and the Current Account [ discussion
    Frankfurt-Mannheim Macro Workshop, 30th May 2011, Goethe University Frankfurt.

Kempf, H. and L. von Thadden (2010), When Do Cooperation and Commitment Matter in a Monetary Union? [ discussion
    IMFS Workshop on "Recent Developments in Macroeconomic Policy", 11th April 2011, Goethe University Frankfurt.
5th Belgian Macroeconomics Workshop, 12th September 2017, Université de Namur [  Program ]

4th Belgian Macroeconomics Workshop, 23rd September 2016, Free University of Brussels (VUB) [ Program ] 

Workshop "Firm Entry and the Macroeconomy", 27th May 2016, KU Leuven [ Program ]

3rd Belgian Macroeconomics Workshop, 11th September 2015, Université Catholique de Louvain [ Program ]
2nd Belgian Macroeconomics Workshop, 12th September 2014, Ghent University [ Program ]
1st Belgian Macroeconomics Workshop, 15th March 2013, KU Leuven. [ Program ]
IMFS Workshop: "Recent Developments in Macroeconomic Policy", 11th April 2011, Goethe University Frankfurt. [ Program ]  [ Papers ]

Research Networks

‘Integrated Macro-Financial Modelling for Robust Policy Design’, 2014-2017, EU-funded Research Project, 7th Framework Programme,

The Transmission Mechanism of New and Traditional Instruments of Monetary and Macroprudential Policy’, 2015-2016, Joint Research project, National Bank of Belgium.

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