My (Literary and College) Journey

    This picture has a strong significance to me. This was taken when I took a trip one high school summer with just my sister to New York City. This photograph has both positive and negative connotations to me. Positive in the sense that this was the development of my freedom and independence from my family. After some family turmoil, I had a hard time figuring out who I was and how to be my own person again. Prior to this photograph being taken I was angry with my sister for being immature and oblivious to the world around her. I really was not angry at her for possessing these traits but angry because I could not. I was stuck playing the mature role, while she could enjoy herself and not have to take care of everything. I felt she was free and I was confined and I was exhausted. I remember thinking 'when would I get to feel like that again?'. This photograph was taken by her, which I think explains a lot about the circumstances. Not only does this photograph explain my feelings of being lost with who I was, to myself and in society, but when looking at this photo nearly two-years later it explains my sisters thoughts. In a way the lack of focus in the photograph shows my sister's faint understanding of what I was going through. It was impossible to understand what I was thinking unless being placed directly in my shoes. The photograph also explains my vague view I had of my future. I grew up in a middle to lower class immigrant family that has always had to struggle for finances. So it was never in my mindset to go to any university, it was assumed I would go to community college. I was sure I would end up pursuing a job that allowed me to make ends meet, with happiness in my career being secondary. Little did I know that a few years later I would be going to the University of Michigan on to greener pastures. 
    To the naked eye, this is viewed as a completely typical picture with a girl and her friend, but to me this photo holds a lot of memories and meaning. This was taken weeks before I went to the University of Michigan while me and my best friend went to Lollapalooza in Chicago. To this day I still continuously think of all of the fantastic memories I had in this three day concert but it was not just the music that captured me. This was the time where I began realizing that I could achieve more than I ever expected of myself- I could go pursue my own dreams without my family. Whether that is a trip away with me controlling what I want or moving to ann arbor to pursue what I wanted for my future. I was completely independent and ready to explore the world and think for myself. Beyond this experience, I have realized how the University of Michigan has further developed my confidence to pursue what I want and the motivation to do so.