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October 2006

We began October with some school birthday parties, a visit to cousin Benny, and a stop at Washington Square park at dusk. After a sleepover at Barbie's house with cousin John, Julia and Benny went to a great pre-Halloween celebration at the Cooper Hewitt where the kids decorated pumpkins and masks and had a great time. Julia worked super hard on her Halloween costume, big butterfly wings! She had so many Halloween parties: first one at school, followed by two costume birthday parties, a night with Nora and family, and then the real thing. The kids trick-or-treated down Broadway, at Rudie's apartment, then finally home to ours.  SmugMug for photos!

September 2006

After a weekend of row boating, going to the Victorian Gardens amusement park, and lots of rain, Julia attended her first day of kindergarten the day after Labor Day. The next weekend we had a kindergarten playdate at 163 after Georgia's sleepover at our house. Then off to the NY Aquarium and Coney Island with Sam, Lauren, and Benny accompanied by Aunt Barbie. We went to a few school festivals, and briefly to San Genaro with Ben. The month ended by celebrating Barbie's birthday! See the highlights at!

August 2006

August began with a long overdue sleepover with Georgia Eggers, Julia was thrilled and they were both little princesses. Then off to the Bronx Zoo with Barbie, Sam, Lauren, and Benny. We had too much to see, but got a great view of a tiger standing up on its hind legs just a few feet away. We have to return for the many things we missed, that place is amazing. See the highlights at!

July 2006

After a fairly calm 4th of July at the shore, we returned on July 9th to celebrate Sam's 50th birthday party! Joined by the Nichols family, we went to the Atlantic Highlands carnival and had a great weekend in NJ. The next weekend, we had dim sum with the Organs, Powells, and Mike Moi. Then on to another Central Park race with Zoë, Georgia, and Ptollie, followed by some serious dressing up at Zoë's house. Julia celebrated her last week at La Escuelita (boo hoo). We had a great visit with Uncle B. J. and Audrey, and went to the Chelsea Water Park. See the highlights at!

June 2006

New photos from June are up at! Highlights include a trip to the new Gabriela's on 93rd and Columbus, fish sitting for Zoë (and the untimely demise of poor Spot, the new fish), fun with Zoë and Nora at the MSC school fair, Julia modeling my Frick t-shirt, Ben at the Central Park Zoo!

May 2006

May was eventful. Julia had her first sleepover with Zoë Nichols and she survived quite well. We went to La Escuelita's Carnival on 5 de Mayo, then to Ben's school fair at the Children's Aid Society downtown. Julia had her first race in Central Park on Mother's Day, she did great and really liked it. Later we celebrated Vivian's birthday, Julia practiced face painting on us! Julia and Zoë had their first ballet recital at Ballet Hispanico. Later, we attended the fabulous PS 163 fair (Julia's new kindergarten), expertly organized by Rudie Hurwitz and others. We got to see Aunt Michelle and Kristin at Angela and Dave's shower, and attended Angie's movie night (she just finished working on the da Vinci Code). We had a visit by Peggy Chapman after many years in New Mexico, glad she is back! We also had visits from the Cherry family (Teddi, Dale, John, and Jordan) on Memorial Day weekend, and a surprise visit from Jan (Carter) Davis and her daughter from Vivian's Bushland days in gradeschool! Photos are available at

April 2006

April was a busy month for the CragerGill family. We began with Jason's birthday party (son of the famous Mr. Doug and Ally). We also went to several birthday parties for Julia's La Escuelita amigos (Zoey, Selin, Alyson, Izabella, Mari and Antonin's) and also to Thea's ballet birthday party (see photos!) We were at the shore over Easter and had a great time there looking for eggs and enjoying the amazing Spring weather. Nora had her first sleepover at our house, Julia was thrilled. We set up Julia's castle at home, she spent several nights in her castle tent on top of her bed and was so happy to be Cinderella. Finally, Julia had her first real hair cut and got her first pets (two goldfish, named Flour [stet] and Heart: she couldn't name one Flower since Zoë Nichols already chose that name, so she went with Flour instead, like in pizza dough!) Photos at

March 2006

Go to to see our recent trips including Puerto Rico, Jack's ski trip to Vermont (for his 45th birthday), selections from Benny's third birthday, etc. For those of you who want to order photographs, this is your place! Let us know how you like it.

February 2006

To celebrate J. R. Gill's 75th birthday, the family (thirteen of us) went to Puerto Rico to a little resort called the Copamarina near Ponce on the southern coast. We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful weather in February. It was hard to leave. Follow the links for photos of this trip!

January 2006

We started the year off with a bang, and went to Alison and George Tocci's fabulous New Year's Eve weekend party in Shirley, MA. Click here to see the highlights of this trip!

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