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        I sincerely believe that the learning process should go on long after the teaching process has finished in the classroom.This site is a humble attempt on my part to make quality information on Livestock Production Management easily available to students anytime, anywhere. Special emphasis has been placed on cataloguing multimedia-rich resources as per the VCI curriculum so that students can view images and video clips on various aspects of animal husbandry, many of which may not be present in books and are difficult to demonstrate in practical classes. Lecture notes, Practical Manuals, Slideshows and PowerPoint presentations are also being included. As with any new idea, there are likely to be some shortcomings; do let me know your views and suggestions here.   
 Dr. Vivek M. Patil     
Associate Professor & Head        
Livestock Research & Information Centre (Deoni)        
KVAFSU, Bidar, India.        



 Information Technology in Veterinary Science 

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