Harbour MiniGUI


Harbour MiniGUI / HMG is a free / Open Source xBase WIN32 / GUI Development System for Windows platform. By adding this  graphical library to Harbour compiler and MinGW,  we have now a complete Windows programming tool. In short,  Harbour + MiniGUI + MingW is a free Clipper for Windows.

Furthermore this freedom is not about  giving up the quality; in contrast, this package has more stability and reliability than many commercial products.

Harbour MiniGUI is aimed to be "natural". The basic idea lying under it, is to let the programmer to express its ideas in a straight way, using a simple code, easy to write and easy to maintain, making its work more productive. It's main direction is same as original xBase spirit : being powerful, simple and intuitive. 

Harbour MiniGUI license is GPL+"Harbour Exception", so your use of that executable is in no way restricted on account of linking the library code into it.