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  • Ted Talks By Jocelyn Finley I am an information junkie.  I love knowing things.  My obsession is omnivorous:  reading, tv, internet, radio.  But there is one caveat; it has to be good information.  It has to be engagingly presented-think David Starkey on Shakespeare, Thomas Cahill writing the Hinges of History Series.  I must have been the only person on the planet that didn’t know about TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) when Mary O’Neil assigned one of the TED talks in OLTD 501.  Since then it has been my guilty pleasure. And now I can spend even more time procrastinating because TED has a mobile app for android (I don’t know about iphones as I and I love Samsung!) “TED’s official Android ...
    Posted Sep 14, 2013, 5:33 AM by Avi Luxenburg
  • The Sole Challenge The Sole ChallengeS.O.L.E stands for "self-organized learning environment" and is an initiative proposed by Sugata Mitra at his TED talk this past February.  His hope is to create a "school in the cloud"  in which students are able to connect with, and help each other to create learning opportunities that are student centered and student directed.  He hopes to demonstrate that students have the capabilities and drive to tackle big questions and problems by self organizing themselves and using the many resources available to them on the web.  The Challenge is to test the S.O.L.E method, and blog about your experiences.  You can get a copy of his toolkit here.  He is ...
    Posted Apr 14, 2013, 6:46 PM by Ben Rogers
  • The Failure of an Online Program http://www.hybridpedagogy.com/Journal/files/Failure_of_an_Online_Program.htmlMargot CroftEnjoyed this (short) article that discussed the importance of inquiry in instructional design. Sean Michael Morris explains the value of learning alongside of students rather than controlling and containing knowledge exploration. It's part of a series that I'll be watching for! :)
    Posted Apr 9, 2013, 11:01 PM by Margot Croft
  • Schools using social media to engage parents in learning Natalie Stechyson, Calgary Herald Published: Wednesday, March 06, 2013 http://www2.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/city/story.html?id=5730eb82-c16c-459a-b399-26062d9db9a6  George Couros, the division principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with the Parkland School Division, gave a keynote address as part of the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation's online safety week. This article in the Calgary Herald highlights Couros’ thoughts on social media on the schools:  1. Parent engagement in learning is the No. 1 indicator of a child's success in school. 2. As more schools embrace the use of social media - such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter - parents have a unique opportunity to be meaningfully engaged in their child's learning. 3. Even though ...
    Posted Apr 7, 2013, 7:24 PM by Jean Kloppenburg
  • FreeTech4Teachers This resources is not new but it is noteworthy. The blogger, Richard Byrne has won several awards since 2008 for his tech blog called FreeTech4Teachers. Here, he reviews and suggests tools related to education - all of them free and all of them incredibly useful. He believes that "when used correctly, technology has the power to improve student engagement and student achievement...technology gives teachers the ability to form powerful, global, professional learning communities." Byrne has worked as a teacher and tech consultant. One thing I appreciate about his posts is that most contain more than one suggestion under a certain topic and he describes each choice by including pros and cons and specific uses. My only criticism of the site ...
    Posted Apr 7, 2013, 12:41 PM by Laura Mann
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