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Photos & Videos

          This is the most updated page of my site as of now. This is filled up with my latest trip Photos and Videos taken from my lovely camera Casio Exilim S-500. You can find many videos related to German daily life transport also.


A Guide to Germany

          A Guide has been started and will be the next major section of my website.  

 My Interests 

           You can see my interested stuff like my favourite dishes, how to make them, my favourite movies and much more stuff coming there.

                 Collection of hillareous scripts

My Cool Links 

          All cool links here related to manythings like guides, friend's pages, utilities links and much more. Stay tuned to this page for more updates.


            Fantasies are  going to be discussed or shown here, either mine or my friends, it is just going to ROCK.........just stay tuned.

My Blogs & Reviews 

             This section reveals all my experiences to different cities and parts of the world, my experiences, my feelings on each city and sweet memories of my life right from my school life. Many would be of my mother tongue TELUGU as i am more expressive in my own mother tongue and reviews are always in ENGLISH as of now. Stay tuned to this section to know more about my personal life and reviews of the EUROPEAN cities reviews.

Site MAP 

           This is the current page depicting an overview of my complete site and a brief description of all the sections I have in the website.

Site History & Updates

           This is the History Page where I write about every update so that people including myself can see what is updated at the site and then decide whether updated stuff is really important for me and then visit that particular details. Not only History serves for this purpose but it works as a sweet memory after long time when I see back and remember how I was really working hard to update and maintain my own SITE

About ME 

           This page is completely about ME, ME and ME. Nothing else matters then. Here I will be writing a small article of my attitude, history of my education and whatever comes to my mind then.

Contact Me 

          This page will always contain my permanent address from INDIA and my current address in GERMANY and a link to my mail-id so that you can always contact me at any time.