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 Links about Google and it's world

Google Page Creator GUIDE - By Rami Mawas

             The One and Only Google Page creator guide on the Internet. It is really great. Have a look at it and it has all the tips and tricks to use javascript, embed tags and much more. A must visit for all who want to utilize the google pages at its best.

Martin Blow's Google Page Creator GUIDE 

           Additional information like including Google Maps into the Google Page Creator is provided here 

Wedgekin's GPC Reviews

             Good collection of many good and great google pages along with short and brief review about each site. Good site to visit.

 Google Page Creator - Google Group

                    A Google group for discussing about the Google page creator. There are sub-groups too for beginners and advanced users.

Google Group about using Google Groups 

               Discuss here how to use the latest features of the Google groups and common queries.

Google Calendar - Google Group

            Discuss about the latest sensation from Google - The Google Calendar  

Google Video - Google Group 

            Discuss about the revolutionary service from Google - The Google Video

Google Analytics - Google Group 

            Discuss about the  future sensation from Google - The Google analytics. Currently each invitation of Google analytics is sold out for around 175 $. So is the craze for it.

Google Community - A discussion forum 

            A big community for all google product lovers to discuss their problems and the product's features.

Google-Firefox-Extensions - Google Group 

          A Google group for discussing about the Google-Firefox Extensions.

Google Desktop - Google Group 

        Discuss about the Google Desktop product here. A high activity group here.

A few HomePages/Blogs of my friends 

Premchand Kamarapu's HOME Page 

Manmohan Deva's HOME Page 

Anand Kodali's HOME Page 

Narasaiah's HOME Page 

Pradeep's HOME Page

Phani Raj's HOME Page 

Mime Kaladhar's HOME Page

             The HOME Page of the MiMe Kaladhar - Limca book of world record holder in MIME Acting. A must visit for all art lovers.

Scary's Blog 


 Utilities - Some useful Links


            The biggest website  about the latest electronic products, reviews, news and anything you want to know about the IT industry. I personally follow their reveiws for buying any product. Any software you want to download you can get the links and ratings here.

 HTTrack - Website Copier

             Give a link of the website and it will download it for you. A very useful utility to have the websites offline on your computer.

Aurora Borealis - Polar lights Photos 

            A wonderful personal website about the the Nothern polar lights which are called Aurora Borealis  with each year's collection of photos, their technical reasons and frequently asked questions. A must visit for all those who don't want to miss the natural wonders of the mother Nature. 

Download Manager - Net Transport

             A good download manager to have. 

Download Manager - DAP

           DAP is very popular download manager on internet and has both free and paid versions. Paid version doesn't have advertisements on it. 

Div X - Plugins to play movies

            It is a plugin which is almost a MUST to have now-a-days. Plays various kinds of compressed movies and videos.

Mozilla Firefox - Cool Extensions

Padma Extension for Indic fonts 

            An excellent extension for installing all the indic fonts at once. Really superb extension, now I don't need to install any fonts particularly. This extension makes me read all Telugu dynamic webpages without the need to change my browser to IE.

All - In - One Mouse Gestures 

            Extremely useful mouse gestures plugin for Firefox. I use it a lot.

Tabbrowser Preferences 

            A very good extension for the extensive users of tab browsing. It is useful for only advanced users of Tabbrowsing. Normal users may not find so much use of it.

 IE Tab 

            A cool  extension to include IE into Firefox. You can specify dynamically either with context Menu or you can predefine which sites need to be opened using IE either within the window of Firefox or external IE.

Flashgot - The download Plugin 

            A very good  extension for integrating downloadmanagers of your system with the browser. Very useful.

Google Safe browsing

            A very good plugin which warns you incase it feels the site is asking you the personal information for false use.

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