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          You are going to expereince the world's most craziest fantasies of mine and my friends here

Currently my age old fantasies are burried somewhere down in my memmories till then enjoy some fantasies of my friends.

Fantasy by Prem

Bhaains Pe Jenny aur Mai

            This was a spntaneous fantasy whcih got into my head. Even though J'Lo is not much close to me , she has been into my fantasy world after her Lot many Bikini songs

            One good sunday morning , mai aur mere Jenny in her wonderful bikini. We needed a palce to party on. Some remote village in Andhra Pradesh where we have plenty of buffallos bocs Jenny likes to ride them.

            I prefer a googled buffallo, Yamraj ki Viman where Jenny and myself place ourselves-. Its  too hot for Jenny so I stung a big umbrella over the buffallo . 

            Now whats the pass time, Jenny likes to fish . So we go for fishing on our Bhaains maharaj. 

            Long hours in the sunshine, on the lake shore , Jenny and myslef and our Bhaains Maharaj and we Fish the whole day and have a  barbeque in the evening and  our Bhaains maharaj brings us back to the airport. 

            So thats the end my friends, I will see that this gets printed on the front page of HINDU, DC, TIMESOFINDIA when it happens. Let it stay as one of my fantasies till then.

            Enjoy !!!  


          If you ever want to submit any of your wildest fantasies on any corner of your mind, just write it to ME , I will just publish it here 



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