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            Myself, inspired by autograph book style and some of the other fellow googlers, thought that this kind of describing would be much better option for me....


How much do you love your job: It's a job, better not to discuss about it on my personal page.

Hometown: Anantapur, the greatest place to live on this earth 

Favourite Number: 2

Movies: Myself, a movie freak of my native language most of the time, if start listing, then this page wouldn’t be enough I guess.

Favourite Holiday: Back at home, sweet home eating food cooked my MOM  

Foods: Indian, but basically anything which is vegetarian and spicy enough and well baked.

Day of the Week: What else, could u think of, It’s SUNDAY
TV Show: Any cartoon by Walt Disney but mostly DUCK TALES, I just go mad after it.

Celebrity: One and only MEGASTAR of Telugu film Industry, CHIRANJEEVI http://www.tollywoodinfo.com/discus/clipart2/chiru_style17.gif

Restaurant: Depends on which place I am living in……..

Least Favourite School Subject: Oh! God !! Atlast I completed social studies exam in my 10th class hoping that it will never come again in my life…..

Sport to Watch: Cricket, Cricket and Cricket.

Zoo Exhibit: I would rather prefer deep Oceans

Favourite Soft Drink: Nannari Lassi, the special summer drink of Anantapur

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Defenitely in my big own house.....with a lovely garden and a neem tree in between........

Which single store would you choose to max your credit card: I love electronic markets and I would spend the whole card buying the ultra sound system speakers and home theatres.

What do you do most often when you are bored: Do some technical stuff and develop some utility things for myself  

Most annoying thing is: Lazy fellows……….. 

Best thing: What and Who can it be none other than our beloved mother Nature…..I just go mad with the Nature’s beauty, right from sunrise and sunset to the top of mountains.

If you could travel to any time in the history, where would you go : To see how Sri krishna Devaraya ruled my home town   

Favourite Colour: Black

Latest Crush: As you see, it is Google Page Creator 

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