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This toolbox is for resources used during Visual Literacy Presentations.

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'What is Visual Literacy?' - looks at the various definitions and the components of visual literacy

'Why Visual Literacy?' - information about the importance of including visual literacy in the curriculum

'Whose Is It?' - deals with the issues of copyright and fair use for educators. You will find articles, links, etc.

'Where Is It?' - lists of links to image banks, along with citation requirements

'More Info' - provides links to associations, organizations, articles, and books on visual literacy

'Activities' - icebreakers, hooks, and lessons using visual literacy

'Infographics' - ideas and links to some amazing (in my opinion) infographics; shows the power of a visual with a little bit of text

'Toolbox' - Web 3.0 applications to use alter, present, and share images, as well as, tutorials

These are the main areas of the website.  There are sub-pages for some of the areas.  Where websites are listed, I have kept them in alphabetical order to more easily find them.  Any websites added after the initial creation of this site will have a date-stamp after the name of the website.  For example, Flickr (3/10).

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