When is the Best Time To Have a Sensual Couple Massage? Before Sex or After Sex Massage

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When is the best time for couples to massage each other? Is it before or after sex? 

The answer is, preferably before sex. Massage before sex can be a ground for a sensual foreplay because exploring and teasing of erotic senses can be enjoyable for couples as they gently massage each other. Massaging each other before sex can also lead to a very intimate sex. 

To enjoy sensual massage, a massage oil is a great way to use so you can just glide and press your fingers to one’s favorite massage spot. To add a sweet and flavored scent to your sex massage, get adam and eve’s pheromone massage oil - a sex mineral massage oil that is suited for your pre intercourse massage. It is clear and non sticky, safe for all types of skin but be sure not to use this massage oil as a lubricant as it is not safe for internal use. 

Other reason why before sex massage for couple is desirable is because couples no longer have that drive to give their partner a sensual massage after sex because of groggy feeling because both partners’ energy have been drained out after that pleasurable sex and couples would just want to literally breath and relax. 

So hype up your bedroom with a foreplay massage and make sure to tease your partner by pressing his or her ticklish spot! 

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