What’s Up With The Stigma Against Using Sex Toys Before Actual Sex?

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Sex toys are often branded as a boyfriend substitute when, in fact, they can serve as a valuable component of couple play or foreplay. So what’s really holding people back from reaping the benefits of a well-placed vibrator?

One of the common myths about sex toys is that there is that fear among heterosexual women that their partners will be threatened by the introduction of a sex toys into the bedroom. That using sex toys before going down to the actual sex would be a big disaster. Well guess what, vast majority of men are not actually nervous or threatened by sex toys. At this era of time a huge change has happened in our culture. But the best way to do it is to go shopping together so it feels like you’re on the same team. As for starting the conversation in the first place, you may start with “Hey, I read this article on ___. What do you think about it? Maybe it’s something worth trying?”

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