Ultimate Anal Toy: Butt Plug and Anal Beads Two-in-One

Want to try anal? Is this your first anal sex experience? I've got the perfect sex toy for you. The Adam & Eve Fun Flex Anal Teazer is a game changer! It combines two popular anal toys all on the same toy. The smaller end of this anal toy is shaped into anal beads. 

These anal beads are graduated so you can go bigger the more comfortable you feel. You're a pro and you have mastered the use of anal beads, now what? Flip this anal toy around and you'll discover what's on the other end. The shape is a cross between a butt plug and an anal dildo. Making for more pressure and pleasure. The larger butt plug is also excellent for men, because it will stimulate the prostate or the p-spot. You always want to use a bunch of lube to get yourself ready and lucky for you, this sex toy comes with not only lube, but anal desensitizer. 

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