The Prayer Video

Joseph has loved Anna ever since they were children. But he does worry about her secret that only he knows, a secret that their people must never know.

Joseph and Anna wanted to be married in the Holy Land. Feeling like fugitives with a hidden past, they immigrated to Israel in their early twenties.

Although it was reported that there were no survivors from the Israeli flight LY17, Joseph Zadok believes he saw his wife shortly after the crash. Reeling from the shocking encounter, he vows to uncover the truth. Haunted by mysterious nightmares, he struggles as he is forced to face the unknown. Within the depths of his soul, he feels changes are emerging. What it all means, only heaven knows. For at times it seems to him as if soft whispers of truth come to him as he drives the streets looking for something….

As enemies of their small nation circle like vultures, and remembering Anna’s premonition, Joseph realizes that it may be too late to stop an unseen adversary. No one can prepare for what is about to be unleashed… their world is on the brink of total darkness.

This unique Christian fiction reads like a thriller. Epic in scope, the mystery, suspense and climax are breathtaking. The Prayer, a Story of the Risen Christ is also a spiritual and tender love story about an enduring romance that transcends death. It speaks to the heart about the miracle of prayer, hope, and the healing power of God’s love. Discover this beautiful story about the Son of God, and the glorious new future that is closer than you think.