Kegel Training: How to Use Cocolicious Kegel Trainer Ben Wa Balls?

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If you are one of the many individuals who are so curious how does kegel trainer balls work, well you better watch this video closely. 

Ben Wa balls, also known as kegel balls, train your kegel muscles to tighten your vagina and kegel muscles which can let you have a pleasurable bedroom encounter with your partner. The Strong kegels also lead to bigger, better “O”s. So you better do as Coco says and get to it! 

How to use kegel trainer balls? Start off by putting a pea sized amount of lubricant into the weighted ball and slowly slide the ben wa balls inside. When using ben wa balls, you are moving your legs which allows the weighted balls to roll, thus giving you a natural and sensual massage. Squeezing your kegels is one way of tightening your vagina. Once you can feel a little tight, you can then increase the weight of the ball and gradually insert them in your vagina. 

This ball is also slightly larger in size than the other balls. Once you’ve put the squeeze on the increased size and weight, you can trade up even further to use the 30 gram and 40 gram balls simultaneously.

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Cocolicious Kegel Trainer

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