How To Use a Chastity Cage ? Detained Chastity Device Sex Toy Review

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So this male chastity device is not like any other chastity toys that require you to lock up your penis into a chastity cage. Detained Chastity Cage has a fetish and naughty purpose which is intended for couples to spice up their sex life. 

Here are two reasons why you and your partner should have a chastity device as one of your favorite sex toys on your list. 

First, it is suitable for BDSM play, where you detain your man’s real thing while you explore and ravage his body while, he is controlled and cannot get into your entry yet. So that must be a kinky sex act to play, right? It adds total excitement! 

Second, it can spice up your sex life! Yes, if you are forced to abstain having a masturbation while your partner is away, and you just have to wait til your partner can free your penis so you both can enjoy that wild ride.

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