Christian heavy metal music videos Song ofl love

Christian heavy metal music videos 

WHAT IS  HEAVY METAL? My niece, who follows the discoteque, pounding and repetitive rhythms imposed by the MTV television network, came up with the idea of ??asking me the other day who invented the term Heavy Metal.  christian heavy metal music videos 
 Without worrying about what conversation of recreation had raised the question, without noticing my face of embarrassment, christian heavy metal music videos   I opted for the quick and humorous answer: "Heavy Metal, honey, was a god of Scandinavian mythology, warrior, proud and haughty, with long manes. "Heavy-Metal
His face of disbelief accompanied by a half smile forced me to expand on this article, I owe it to him, and I hope that you, dear reader, do not be afraid of the hard drums that play in the background and continue reading until the end. christian heavy metal music videos 

Experts say that the first song where the two words that gave name to one of the most followed genres, and at the same time most reviled by the mainstream media, have been heard for almost five decades was' Born to be wild '(1968) by Steppenwolf. Remember the cult movie 'Easy rider' (1969), the roaring bikes and this phrase in the background: christian heavy metal music videos 

"I like smoke and lightning / Heavy metal thunder / Racing in the wind ..." Although it would be very risky to put this Canadian group in the Heavy Metal bag, it is well as the first reference surrounded by the world of the Harley Davidson. christian heavy metal music videos   Not in vain, the joke says that if we move a follower of the Heavy, a metalhead, to the Middle 
Ages, he will arrive at the castle on one of those motorcycles, he will kill the dragon with swords and he will have a few beers with the princess before doing the love with her christian heavy metal music videos 

Some authors of books, representatives of groups or musical critics used the two damned words sooner or later but the discussion would be as long as cumbersome, so I have no choice but to give my niece a Black Sabbath album, first, and another from Judas Priest later. christian heavy metal music videos   
Maybe some of you defend that I should have chosen other artists such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, but that would open a new dispute in which would enter the term Hard Rock -Rock Hard-. So, dear niece, why not stay in the world of Nordic fantasy and add a name to the clan of Asgard residents? christian heavy metal music videos