Best Ben Wa Balls Review | Nen-Wa Magnetic Hematite Kegel Balls VS Joyball Secret

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Hi there! What are kegel balls? Kegel balls help you strengthen your pelvic muscles and in turn will result in stronger, more intense orgasms. Yay! As an added bonus, the balls feel really good and are fun to play with. I've got two different sets of kegel exerciser balls and in the video I'll let you know the pros/cons of each. 

The Nen-Wa magnetic kegel balls balls are heavy and magnetic which is a blast. You'll have a lot of fun with them. If you're looking for a softer material for vaginal weights, you might opt for the Joyball Secret set. They're made with a hypoallergenic material and provide a spring-like sensation when used. I love both of these products and I am all about vaginal health so two thumbs up for the kegel balls!